StartUs Connect 1.0: Bratislava Edition

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For the first time StartUs Connect is coming to Bratislava on the 19th of June. Find out what you can expect and how it will work!

StartUs Connect 1.0: Coming to the Heart of Europe!

Bratislava, which has been debated as the capital of the Heart of Europe, is going to be the location of an upcoming StartUs Connect event! Hopefully this will branch Bratislava with other neighboring major cities in central Europe.

What’s To Come This Friday

On Friday, June 19th, StartUs Connect will be coming to Bratislava. This is a great opportunity for the city to grow as it is in a great location, with cities such as Vienna and Budapest being relatively close by. Bratislava has a very friendly and warm expat community, which is beneficial for those willing to engage with startups in Bratislava.

Bratislava is home to about 500.000 people, where the total population of Slovakia is roughly five million people. It is a city, which isn’t nearly as big in terms of people or business opportunities, like Vienna, Prague, or Budapest. This means that it can also be overshadowed by the larger cities in this region of Europe. However, it is a desirable location as Vienna is only 60 kilometers away and Budapest is 180 kilometers away. StartUs coming to Bratislava is very promising for the city to grow and become more like its larger neighboring capital cities.

This event will also feature RubixLab, an incubator based in Bratislava with their focus also on startups. This event will help people, be it investors or startup enthusiasts, to help boost their network in Bratislava. This is also an opportunity for the two firms to connect and thus connect Vienna with Bratislava.

This event will be welcoming the following speakers for the course of Friday evening:

This event brings very exciting things to come in the small city of Bratislava. This is an event that will bring in much interest for people with startups in Bratislava and hopefully it will also bring in more interest to Bratislava and help it grow as a startup hub in the near future. The event will be one to remember for StartUs and RubixLab as they take on the Heart of Europe. Don’t miss it, all infos can be found here.



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