How To Boost The Startup Vibe In Your Office

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Want to increase productivity & creativity in your office? We'll share six tips on how to get that Startup Vibe you are looking for.

What makes startups so special and magical to many people is their take on designing the office space so that it’s imaginative enough that inspires people to be creative, collaborative, flexible and open-minded. It seems like this vibe is what every modern office today is trying to be.

Technically speaking, a startup is really a stage of growth of a business, but contrary to popular opinion, it’s not all just fun and games. Startup founders are always on the lookout for smart and innovative people who understand and share their vision and regardless of company rank or position, everyone is given a rightful voice. If you’re looking to create such a vibe in your office, think about the following suggestions.

#1 Design Casual Meeting Areas

Creating lots of small, non-traditional meeting spaces is highly recommended as they encourage the brainstorming process. There’s nothing boring and rigid about them so they offer sufficient freedom for impromptu meet-ups where new ideas are born.

Think in terms of bean bag chairs, card tables, whiteboards, swivel and rocking chairs, and even swings and hammocks. Such a space will nurture productivity and empower employees’ creativity.

#2 Pick A Design That Shows Your Brand Value

For most people, innovation and invention are all about free thinking, creativity, courage, originality and a little bit of the unexpected. By going with an unusual, quirky design you’ll be more likely to capture that concept. Include non-traditional elements and materials such as old lockers, wood pallets and mix and match modern pieces with rustic or industrial ones.

Organize these elements so they reflect your vision and mission. If it’s all about honesty, perseverance, and credibility, take a survey among your employees to see how they perceive these concepts and translate their keywords into décor. For instance, if they say that red is the color of honesty and Dr. King a symbol of credibility and perseverance, incorporate red desk chairs and desk lamps and hang a portrait of Dr. King in the common area.

#3 Add Some Local Flair

Personality is a big part of the startup vibe and a great way to bring that spirit into your office is by adding some local flair. It could be a wall mural painted by a local artist, interesting canvas prints, a blown-up photograph of your city’s skyline covering an entire wall or a few original statues done by a local sculptor.

#4 Don’t Shy Away From Color

Adding some splashes of vibrant color here and there can go a long way by adding energy and visual interest to your office. You want to avoid a typical corporate and generic look so make your space colorful and individualized. For instance, beige color is considered understimulating whereas vibrant hues of bright green, orange or purple can be very inspiring and enticing. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to repaint your entire office, but a few bright carpets, decals and an accent wall will do the trick.

#5 Cater To Different Work Styles

It’s important for every company, especially a startup that all employees do their best work starting day one, but it’s also important to recognize that not everyone works in the same way. Instead of designing an office in a uniform way with cubicles, try to provide a variety of workspaces to accommodate different approaches to work that range from typical seating to standing desks. In a flexible workspace, literally anything goes and creativity freely flows.

#6 Provide Extras & Conveniences

There are a lot of conveniences and extras that can fuel your employees’ hard-working days. One iconic element is a fully stocked kitchen with various snacks, but you can also add an in-office coffee bar and play some music that is known to increase cooperation and enhance the decision-making process.

Moreover, allow your worker some downtime as well as this helps people reinvigorate their work. Set up a no-working zone and lounge areas where everyone can take a break, relax and re-energize. This could be a separate room for napping, meditation, reading or playing games. It can also be an outside space in the form of a small garden or a rooftop space where people can catch some fresh air as well.

Even after your company has grown, it’s important to keep the startup spirit alive. Hopefully, these little tips and tricks of design can help you capture it and maintain it in the future as you continue to develop.



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