9 Tips To Successfully Work Remotely In 2019

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Do you have what it takes to work remotely? Learn how to set up your office space, manage projects and set your schedule successfully while working outside of the office.

Working remotely is having a moment that may turn into an even bigger movement. With companies and employees recognizing that remote work is beneficial for them both, more and more people have begun to pick up their careers (at least partially) from the comfort of their home.

The incentives for expanding working from home options are clear. Financially, companies can make more money without investing in additional real estate, dedicated computers, or simple things like utilities and housekeeping. On the employee side, money and time are saved by avoiding a commute and things like dry cleaning costs.

As the remote workforce grows, work from home statistics show that employees gain improved work-life balance while corporations see improved retention and even higher productivity than ever before.

However, working from home may not be for everyone. It is necessary to be disciplined and to have the right mindset so as to not feel the tug of burnout.

Here are some tips on ways to make working from home work for you in 2019:

#1 Set A Regular Schedule & Stick To It

It’s likely that your office will want you to work standard hours so as to remain consistent with your coworkers, but if they don’t have any restrictions on your time, try to establish a specific schedule for every day.

#2 Be Professional About Your Work Time

Approaching your work professionally means, for example, being showered and dressed when you sit down to your remote work. In addition, it may be useful to create a dedicated work area so that you are not competing with kitchen table use or sitting on the couch. If you need to find somewhere outside of your home to make this happen, you can look to virtual office spaces or just a coffee shop or library with wifi.

#3 Set Regular Breaks & Take Them

Another aspect of having a regulated schedule means incorporating break times. Taking lunch and specific break times helps with workflow and lets you avoid any work exhaustion.

#4 Limit Your Social Media Time & Other Distractions

You may not be as productive as you think when crossing between tasks. See if you can turn off things like push notifications that have a tendency to lead you away from work projects. Also, social media can tempt you away from work — think about using apps that limit your time on social.

#5 Use Project Management Software

Ask in your company what they feel is a useful project management platform. These can make remote cooperation within a team much easier.

#6 Take Time To Meet With Friends & Family

People that work from home quote loneliness to be one of the downsides of telecommuting. Get out of the house from time to time and make sure to schedule meetings, coffee dates, lunches, and fun events with other people.

#7 Prioritize Your Tech Needs

Your office is saving a bundle by not having you work onsite. See if they will cover the kind of advanced tech that you need at home. Many offices will give employees laptops, but you might want to look out for what else you can get (if you can justify it). Do you do graphic design and could use some state-of-the-art digital monitors? Your internet connection will be your lifeline, see what it takes to make it as fast as possible. Whatever will make your job easier from home, see if your company will cover it and if not, you might want to see if you have the ability to get it yourself.

#8 Take Care Of Yourself Physically

Part of being able to have a positive attitude toward your work is making sure you are emotionally invested. Sleeping more and getting more exercise is a great way to keep your energy up when working from home. Also, when your schedule is more amorphous, there can be a tendency to postpone meals. Eating regularly keeps you sharp and ready to tackle anything.

#9 Approach Your Work Day The Night Before

A useful trick for working from home is to take a moment in the evening to assess what work needs to get done tomorrow. This way you won’t be surprised or need to be reminded about deadlines or meetings.

With a strong work ethic and dedication, anyone can work from home effectively. Follow easy strategies to make sure that you are more productive and you can not only survive, but you can also thrive in a work from home position.



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