8 Things Companies Need To Do To Foster A Positive Work Environment

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Do you want to give your employees a productive and positive work environment? We share 8 tips on how to achieve an atmosphere everyone will enjoy:

The office is where average adults spend the better part of their day. However, it is unfortunate how for most people their job is one of the stressful spaces of their lives. Thankfully, office spaces are becoming more flexible with their work structure, incorporating innovative techniques to make everyone in the company feel comfortable.

Studies and surveys have revealed how the work environment can have an impact on the productivity of the employees. People prefer a space that is positive, inspiring and cheerful, where their work is appreciated and acknowledged by their peers and bosses.

An ideal workspace would be inclusive, welcoming and effective. It would be well equipped with the latest tools, offer perks and rewards to employees who complete their targets and offer guidance to people who find their tasks challenging.

Here are eight things you can do to make the workspace a positive, productive space:

#1 Flexibility & Freedom

As the owner of the company, it is your responsibility to see if everyone in the organization is well suited for their designated position. Hire people who have an optimistic attitude and are passionate about their work. Don’t stick to the hierarchies a lot, try to bridge the gap between departments.

Conduct brainstorming sessions with the team and include everyone in these meetings. Allowing people to speak up and express an opinion gives them much-needed confidence and motivation. Celebrate employee’s birthday once in a month and give a chance to get together and spend some quality time with their coworkers. This can improve communication and reduce the stress and hesitation of employees.

#2 Time Tracking To Increase Productivity

Time tracking apps can make a world of a difference when it comes to keeping things in order around the office. For instance, with software, you can manage schedules, allocate people to teams, assign them with projects and track all the work in one place. You can accelerate your work process, manage workflow, team member’s attendance, leaves, and task status easily.

You can even keep a record of employee entry and exit times. This information helps you identify patterns (employees taking unwarranted time off, stretching without reason, etc.) and ensure you remain ahead of things.

#3 Personalize The Workplace

Décor plays a huge role in deciding how happy the employees are. Gone are the days when offices were dark and dingy and compact. Modern-day offices are open, light and airy spaces. Include personalized incentives and perks like coffee mugs, hoodies, coasters, and posters for employees to make them feel appreciated. If you’re looking for customizable goodies, check out iCustomLabel where you can find pretty and practical label designs for office and your employees.

For example, you can customize employee desk space with the help of customized stickers and labels so they can feel relax and comfortable while working. You can also reward your employees with customized gifts.

#4 Inclusive Office Spaces

Safety and inclusivity are some of the most fundamental aspects of a healthy workspace. Don’t let anybody, deliberately or not, indulge in discriminatory behavior or bias against people because of their race or ethnicity.

In fact, create spaces where people in the organization can interact freely and learn about each other’s culture and heritage without any prejudice. The more tolerant the work environment is, the better the team members get along, and the more work they complete.

#5 Transparent Communication Channels

Establish clear and transparent communication channels for people to connect and exchange ideas across departments. Don’t keep the higher management off-limits.

In fact, build mechanisms that empower everyone in the company to have their say and question a policy that they have an issue with. Schedule regular meetings and programs using reliable time tracker apps with employees, listen to their grievances and take actionable solutions to solve the problem.

#6 Accessible Mental Care Spaces

Often, stress and work pressure can take a toll on the mental health of the workers. It is therefore important that you have safe and accessible spaces around the office where people can talk about their mental health issues without the fear of judgment.

Appoint an in-house psychiatrist to offer professional advice to employees who need help. Also, enforce your anti-harassment policy via a dedicated committee, where your employees can file complaints against molestation or any form of misconduct.

#7 Break Time & Stress Management Solutions

All work and no play makes Jack, and all your employees, super dull.

You cannot expect employees to work, work, and work, and present excellent results all the time. There will be instances when people won’t be able to deliver their best. Maybe they’re sick or depressed or just having a really bad day.

To cheer them up, set up recreational areas and entertainment rooms with games and other activities where they can unwind after a hectic day. Limit the time on these activities to ensure discipline.

Apart from this, you can arrange some official parties and outing for employees so that they can have some fun time and reduce the stress level as well as easily express their problems with the team members.

#8 Avoid Micromanaging

Last but not least, offer the employees space and time to do their work properly. Don’t try to control their actions. It is important that you monitor their activities and help them out when required but unnecessary involvement and interference does more harm than good.

You don’t have to hover around the employee every time to see if they’re doing their work properly. Learn to trust your team, they’ll appreciate it.


A positive work environment is your guarantee that people will love working in your company, and hence deliver excellent results. Begin with these 8 tried & tested methods.



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