7 Ways To Repurpose Content On Your Website

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Repurposing content is a great way to recycle your work & get noticed. But in order to do it right you need to know which tools to use. We've listed 7 of them for you!

Repurposing is a valuable strategy to pursue in the world of online marketing. Not only is it a way to recycle your hard work, but it is the key to building relationships and augmenting your key message outreach. In order to repurpose your content successfully, you need to know which tools you should or should not use. Below is a list of 7 ways to repurpose your content and lighten your load at the same time:

#1 Slideshare Presentation

Slideshare boasts 60 million unique visitors each and every month; majority of whom are B2B business owners. It is a great platform for augmenting your audience outreach and to repurpose your content. Concision is important for the presentations to be effective so make sure that you remove any surplus elements and use as many bullet points as possible. Another key advantage of a Slideshare presentation is that they tend to rank well on search engines, so make sure that that the tags and titles of your presentation are SEO optimized.

#2 YouTube Video

If you are already creating a Slideshare presentation, why not create a YouTube video counterpart as well? Other options including uploading a video of you speaking at an event, hosting a webinar on Google+ Hangouts or a videographic that offers solution(s) to everyday problems that your customers face. In addition to uploading the videos on YouTube, why not consider embedding them on your website or email marketing blasts.

#3 eBooks

An eBook is another agile way to repurpose your content. Do you have a set of blog posts on the same topic? Do you have videos and webinars that you recently hosted that need to be transcribed? These are 2 of the many ways that you could repurpose content in the form of an eBook. To get you started download the WordPress plugin Anthologize.

#4 Quora Answer

You can use parts of your previously published content to answer questions posed by other users on Quora. Provide the questioner a snippet of the answer. If they would like to receive more info, include a link with further details.

#5 Publish A LinkedIn Post

A lot of business owners have seen great success with repurposing their content in the form of long-form posts on LinkedIn. It’s a practical choice for getting more visibility on the social network as well as for your website, especially if your content is promoted on the Pulse.

#6 Infographics

Got some killer quotes, listicles and statistics? Why not create an infographic that summarizes bulky paragraphs in ten points or less. Tools like PiktoChart and Pic Monkey are ideal for developing visuals and have free templates for you to use as well.

#7 Online Course

Once you have been writing for a while it’s easy to see the massive amount of content you’ve collected. Take that content, fuse it, and then share your wealth of knowledge in an online course. Moodle is an excellent platform to host your course.



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