7 Effective Ways How Entrepreneurs Can Stay Motivated

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Working as an entrepreneur is hard work. You'll need to find ways to continually stay motivated. Here are 7 effective ways how you can make it happen:

Nobody ever said that working as an entrepreneur would be “easy.” One of the biggest challenges you’ll encounter is keeping yourself motivated. Since you must find ways to continually keep yourself motivated, we’ll help you out a little here.

#1 Have Your Own Mission Statement

As an entrepreneur, it’s important to create your mission statement. It’s essentially a summary of your goals and values, so you’ll have a direction when you need it. You’ll also be reminded of your purpose – why you started your business in the first place. Clearly, you can see how this will help you remain motivated.

#2 Set Personal Goals

Most entrepreneurs create their business with specific goals and objectives they want to achieve. They may even create a set of core values they want to live by, but they forget to create their own personal goals. This isn’t something you can afford to overlook because you probably have reasons why you originally became an entrepreneur. It doesn’t matter if you write these things down on your computer, on a piece of paper, or on your phone, you’ll want to have them handy, so you can review them when you feel like you’ve lost your motivation. While there are probably many reasons why you’ve chosen to become an entrepreneur, some you may wish to consider include:

  • Being your own boss
  • Creating your own projects
  • Having the opportunity to do something you’re passionate about
  • Being able to choose your own salary

It’s important to remember that not everything has to be about your business all the time. Having goals in other parts of your life will truly help you live the best possible life.

#3 Have Reminders That Keep You On The Right Path

Even when you have a list of goals to review frequently, it’s still easy to lose focus, become irritable, and lack motivation. This is why you should set reminders on your phone for things like:

  • Finishing specific tasks by certain times
  • Getting off of social media so you can focus on your work
  • Sending out important emails – like those to your shareholders
  • Publishing content on your blogs and social media accounts

You’re honestly the only one who knows what you must do to be able to own and operate a successful business. As such, this list will look different for everyone.

The point is you should create your own list and do your best to stay on track and accomplish these things.

#4 Focus On The Positives

It can be really challenging to stay positive about your work, especially when you’re feeling tired. This is when it becomes more important than ever to maintain a proper focus.

When you feel like you’re focusing on something negative try to refocus on something else, something that’s positive. Sometimes you must learn how to appreciate life’s smallest victories – things like just waking up in the morning and getting to work.

#5 Enjoy Small Rewards

Let yourself enjoy small rewards. You can’t expect yourself to work without ever receiving any rewards. Doing so will make you begin to question why you’re working at all. Nothing will zap your motivation and set you up for failure faster than this. Of course, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to reward yourself, just something small like your favorite drink from your local coffee house or making a treat for yourself at home can be enough. The key is finding something you enjoy, that makes you feel good, and that you can indulge in.

#6 Surround Yourself With Motivated People

The people we spend our time with determine who we are as individuals. This is because we’re like sponges, absorbing everything around us. As such, it’s important for us to make sure we surround ourselves with people who can motivate us, even going so far as to choose motivational speakers to listen to on a regular basis. Fortunately, as entrepreneurs, we have more of a choice when it comes to these people than we do when working a typical 9 – 5 job. Instead of simply going out to the bar and club with people after work, we can spend time with these people building a better future.

As an entrepreneur, you’re bound to be met with some resistance, especially in the beginning. This is because people who happily work jobs instead of engaging in building their future don’t understand what you’re doing or why you’re doing it. As such, you really must reach out and be intentional about finding people who want to build a future for themselves just as bad as you do. Creating this type of a controlled environment for yourself will help you make this transformation.

#7 Get Enough Sleep

Some entrepreneurs like to brag about working 18-hour days without ever sleeping. Eventually, this will lead to fatigue and burn-out. Plus, when you’re tired you won’t really get anything done anyway. This anti-productive behavior is easily remedied by getting a solid 6 – 8 hours of sleep every night. You’ll be more productive when you start your day fully recharged and well rested.


Motivation is important for everyone, but it’s especially important when you’re working as an entrepreneur. Hopefully, these 7 tips will give your motivation a boost, so you can go about making your startup a success. After all, your success depends on you being a strong motivating force – so, make sure you give these tips a try soon!



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