7 Deadly Sales Sins You Should Absolutely Avoid

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Sales require a lot more than mere training, it's more about skills and your intellect. Even a well trained salesperson can hinder a closing. Be aware of these 7 deadly sins when making a call or pitching to your client!

Sales isn’t easy, so don’t make it harder. Avoid the following 7 deadly sales sins:

#1 Chattering

Salespeople talk nonstop on sales calls for many different reasons. Some are nervous chatterers who just can’t shut their mouths. Others think they know more than the customer so they lecture the customer to boredom. Not the best thing any salesperson should be doing.

#2 Inactivity

To be successful in sales you must be a short-term thinker as well as a long-term planner. An inactive salesperson abandons the future and does not spend time on activities that build his future pipeline. Inactivity should not be confused with laziness. Many hardworking salespeople are completely focused on the present. Unfortunately, they forget to make plans for the next quarter and the following year. Other salespeople place all their eggs in one basket, never really thinking about what will happen if their big deal collapses and they end up with nothing.

#3 Obliviousness

Many salespeople don’t take the time to understand how customers fit within their own organization. I am simply amazed at the lethargic attitude many salespeople have about understanding the organizational structure of the companies they work at. When they are asked what a person’s title is, they will answer, “manager,” or something equally muddled, when they should answer, “manager of application security who reports to the director of application development, who, in turn, reports to the CIO.” Honesty is the best medicine.

#4 Shallowness

Salespeople who don’t know their product well enough to build customer credibility cannot be expected to drive sales or close a lead. How can you determine your next course of action if you don’t understand the customer’s needs and how best to emphasize the product or service’s strengths? Worse, in this situation you are completely at the mercy of someone else because another member of your company has to explain how the product will help your customer.

#5 Presumptuousness

Assuming information you really don’t know is one of the worst sins for a salesperson. Salespeople who are not certain but make their best guess about who the ultimate and final decision maker is within an account are more than halfway to losing the deal.

#6 Over-Confident

The best way to lose trust is to not listen at all and ramble about something that is completely irrelevant. Don’t overcommit or promise something that you will not be able to honour. Honesty is the best policy.

#7 Overly Pushy

Don’t talk about you and your company. Talk about your customers and how their needs will be met. How can you solve their problems? That’s what sells.

Your success is your responsibility. The road to the top is paved with hard work, diligence, and self-discipline. The salesperson who avoids committing these seven deadly sins is well on his or her way to becoming a Heavy Hitter, a truly great sales person.


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