6 Tech Tools That Will Make Your Entrepreneurial Life Easier

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Looking for trusted tech tools that can help your management & productivity? For this article, we've curated 6 of the best ones.

Who would understand what it means to be busy better than entrepreneurs? The two terms are closely related. Entrepreneurs bear the burden of the world on their shoulders. Being the people responsible for their business’ success, they have to wear different hats at the same time.

Because of all these daunting duties, time-management and productivity are key focus areas. Is there any possible respite for them? The answer is, yes. With the advent of modern technology, there are tools and software available that can help an entrepreneur save time and increase productivity.

For this post, we chose tools and we critiqued each of them thoroughly. After careful curation, we present you the six tech tools that will make your entrepreneur life easier.

#1 DropBox

This software is a powerful cloud storage platform that can be used for file synchronization as well. With this software, digital professionals and entrepreneurs have been storing and accessing the files from any device from anywhere across the globe. A free account gives you up to 2GB of storage per user.

This cuts your expenses on extra physical memory devices. Dropbox also keeps the data free from breaches making it a safe and secure option for storage. The one-click share feature lets you enjoy the liberty of working collaboratively on the files.

#2 MailChimp

Email marketing has the highest return on investment (RoI) and is a great way to connect to your prospects (partners and customers) instantaneously. You can promote your online business by drafting aesthetically pleasing emails by tweaking the details by using MailChimp.

MailChimp also provides a marketing analysis and management system for your entrepreneurial adventures by reporting marketing analytics and statistics that can boost online email marketing.

#3 OnTheClock

An online time tracking tool that is highly recommended for small businesses. OnTheClock is an amazing software that gives additional features like payroll integration, project and payroll reporting, paid time-off (PTO) tracking, GPS tracking, multiple location punch-ins, and other tools that will take care of all your quintessential business needs.

The software is supported by mobile phones as well and comes with a handy mobile time clock application. This dead simple software is trusted by more than 8000 companies worldwide. Probably the only software in the market that combines these features in one product – a good deal for every entrepreneur.

#4 Skype

Sometimes being an entrepreneur requires quick gatherings and answers that are not possible through emails alone. For a more faster approach, a conference call from Skype can just be the thing that a business needs. You can have internal meetings and Q&A sessions with the help of conference calls/meetings with Skype.

Also, the geographical borders create absolutely no obstruction in the internet-based conference calls. For example, you can connect to your employees in remote locations and in different countries by means of a single click. Apart from phone and video calls, you can even share files with your employees.

#5 Hootsuite

Social media management has never been easier before the advent of Hootsuite, an online social media scheduling and management tool that most of the entrepreneurs around the world rely on. Take care of all your social media accounts from one platform and schedule multiple posts across these profiles.

Hootsuite optimizes the time of posting for maximum views and engagement. Posting at the right time can be a boost for your business, the converse of which will be a nuisance. To make a country-wide or worldwide impact customer engagement relies heavily on the timing of the post, and Hootsuite makes management easy.

#6 Trello

A powerful project management tool that lets your business be organized seemed a far cry before Trello was launched. Trello can be used as a digital whiteboard where you can paste cards and each card will have checklists, files, and comments.

Trello is very versatile and lets you keep a bird’s-eye view on every project by creating an email course, writing an ebook and organizing specific projects. Managing a team professionally, holding briefings and brainstorming is a cake-walk due to Trello.

Which Tools Do You Choose?

All the tools mentioned above have their own niche and panache. They are the most trusted tools that have proven to be very handy for every type of business. The selection of the tools will depend on the functionality and nature of your business.

For example, having free tools for your business will have no financial burden on your shoulders, hence choosing software like Trello, MailChimp and Skype should be a no-brainer.

When it comes to paid tools and software you need more features for less money. That is why OnTheClock is one tool that we’d recommend for your business. Not only does it give you superb time-management features, but can double up as payroll management and integration tool.



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