6 Free Online Tools To Suit Every Business Function

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Are you looking for online tools that will make your entrepreneurial day-to-day life a little easier? Then let us introduce you to six of them in our article:

Being an entrepreneur, managing a business, irrespective of scale and size, can be intimidating. There are several areas that need focus and dedication to be at the top of the game. However, managing work all by yourself can be daunting and at times, tasks that are of utmost importance get neglected. Functions such as advertisements, blogging, business analytics, business finance and internal administrative work which require individual expertise cannot be overlooked by a single authority. In this case, timely assistance either from trained staff or from an automated information technology-based platform really plays a vital role. For entrepreneurs, who spend most of the time on-field, taking time out for these functions is impossible.

In this regard, there are several free online tools for small businesses that can provide the required assistance free of cost. Take a look at some of these tools below.

Tools For Business Advertisements

Spreading the word about your business is the key to expand your reach and get connected to clients instantly. In brick and mortar type of business structure, getting outreach to faraway areas is difficult and as a result, the business remains limited to a particular area. Not anymore, there are several tools online which can help spread the word about one’s business like fire. Here is a look at some key tools with their functionality.

#1 Google My Business

Each day, millions of people search on google for businesses to meet their needs. Google my business is an online service that allows people to build their business profiles. Through this tool, business houses can post hours, set location, give details on pricing of products and share pictures. All the information that one posts on a profile will show incase anyone searches for your business thereby increasing outreach. At the same time, customers can share their feedback and give reviews about the product being offered.

#2 Yellowpages

Another online tool for effective business advertisement is Yellowpages. Earlier, it used to be a huge yellow book, but with the advent of technology, it has been converted into an online model. This is one business directory that is known to all and in case anyone wants to search your address or want information on what products are being offered, then this is one effective tool.

Tools For Business Financing

For any business person, having adequate funds is essential for continued business operations. However, getting the best business loans for startups mainly from the traditional sources of financing has become cumbersome due to long durations and lengthy application procedures. This gap has now been filled with the presence of online financing companies.

#3 Kickstarter

Kickstarter is one of the coolest online platforms which specially provides crowdfunds for aspiring entrepreneurs. True to its name, the platform kick starts your entrepreneurial journey by providing easy funding. The key facility offered by the site is that it funds creative projects like films, music, art, and theater and is probably the hottest funding site. To get funds, the submission process is simple and straightforward. One has to sign up for an account and fill in an application with details about the project. While the aspiring entrepreneur gets funds through the website, the platform operates by charging a fee of just 5% for every successful project.

#4 LendingTree

Established in North Carolina, LendingTree is another online marketplace for business loans under which borrowers and lenders come together to decide on an arrangement for either a business loan or a personal loan. This means that pre-approved loan offers of multiple lenders are presented to applicants. The borrowers benefit immensely due to competition among lenders to offer competitive APRs. Loans not only from banks but from individuals investors, small companies, as well as other traditional lending sources, are also available.

Tools For Business Analytics

Business analytics is another important function for businessmen to track business growth. Data has started to play a key role with organizations taking an increasing interest in generating insights. Business analytics in the form of statistical analysis are used by companies to make business decisions. For this, there are some of the tools which can help entrepreneurs scale heights.

#5 Google Analytics

Google Analytics is another key tool offered by Google which functions as a business analytics tool. It helps generate results on how well the marketing efforts have succeeded in generating leads. But for this analysis, your business website has to be prepared and tracked on how the audience is reaching your website. What sources of reaching the website are working well and which needs to be reworked on. For instance, companies use blogs and content to generate interest among the audience.

#6 Hubspot’s Marketing Grader

After investing a lot of money and time on making your business presence online, one must wonder if it is working well. In this regard, Hotspot marketing has launched a free tool to help companies improve and evaluate the entire marketing campaigns. Use the tool to see how well your social media reach, blogs, and other digital marketing efforts are working.


Apart from these tools, there are still other tools like yelp, WordPress, and development tools like SCORE which will help small businesses to scale their operations. Apart from this, there are tools for email marketing, content development which can meet the day-to-day needs of businesses – without any cost. Using these tools will effectively overcome the challenges that an entrepreneur might have to deal with in day-to-day life.



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