The 5 Most Creative Ways To Use Facebook Tools To Promote Your Startup

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With Facebook's algorithms still being a mystery it can be hard to engage your audience. Here're 5 tips to get the most out of Facebook tools:

Catching people’s attention is a real challenge but nothing impossible! Would you like to create engaging content to promote your startup on Facebook without spending too much? Start using Facebook tools to their fullest potential and be creative! Here’s what you need to know:

#1 Go Live

There is no better way to connect with your audience than offering live content. Not only do live videos get more visibility in the newsfeeds but they are a great way to engage with your fans in real time. Here are a few ideas on how to use Facebook live to promote your business:

  • Announcing a new product feature
  • Live demo of your product
  • Live streaming of a conference (Creative Mornings)
  • Organize Q&A sessions, people ask you questions that you will answer live
  • Give online live training (Illamasqua)
  • Crowdsourcing, get instant feedback on a new product feature
  • Run contest (Asos)

#2 Create Easy & Free Videos With Slideshows

If you don’t have enough resource or budget to create video, the good news is that Facebook slideshow is a great alternative for you! Whether using the advertising tool or when creating a new post (under the photo tab), you just need to upload between 3 to 7 pictures to make your slideshow. With the latest Facebook update, you can also add music or use Facebook photo library.

  • Video will make a great impression when promoting any of the following activities:
  • Create a product catalogue (Finish Line Shoes)
  • Give a short introduction on your business
  • Create a video to raise funds
  • Present a client case studies
  • Introduce a new product feature
  • Create a tutorial

#3 Offer A Visual Experience To Your Audience Experience

Did you know that you could create mini-mobile page on Facebook? Because sometimes a post is not enough to provide more extensive information, Facebook Canvas gives a full screen experience that can be customized with multiples photos, videos, text blocks, links or carousel. It can be useful when you want to share one of the following:

  • Offer and promotions
  • Contest
  • New product launch
  • Sharing testimonials and stories
  • Tutorial for your customers

Find some great Canvas examples here:

#4 Grow Your Community With Events

We all use Facebook events to plan birthday parties, invite our friends to concert or festival but events are also relevant when it comes to promote your business! Every time you organize a professional event for your startup whether it is for a product launch, a conference, a kickstarter event, make sure to be visible online. Facebook events are a good trick to remind people to join the event but also to get them more engaged before, during and after. You can also invite your fans to subscribe to your event channel to make sure they don’t miss out on your next big thing.

#5 Give More Visibility To Your Content With Articles

Did you spend time creating content for your blog? Make sure to share it on your Facebook page in a post link or an article. Facebook has recently connected new plugins to its Instant Articles feature making it easier to take out your content directly from your website CMS (WordPress, Drupal). Or you can just copy paste your blogpost into a Facebook note on your page. I would strongly recommend you to try Facebook article and see what works best for you, it might help getting more clicks and reduce the bounce rate on your article.

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