4 Knowledge Base Ideas For Better Business Development

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Among many business solutions, knowledge base software rises to the very top when it comes to the benefits it offers to organizations. The most successful startups that have established a strong digital presence have already implemented this tool as standard in their operations.

This is because of knowledge and information sharing between employees, as well with customers, offers a variety of benefits. It has a positive impact on efficiency, productivity, customer satisfaction and retention rates, and in the end, on profits. If you were wondering how to reap the benefits of this powerful software tool, here are four ideas how to use a knowledge base (KB) for better business development.

#1 Improved Customer Support

Customer support service is, if not the most crucial aspect of a startup, then one of the most important ones. Here are some important statistics that prove this claim. A knowledge base can be internal and external. Both types of knowledge base can be used to improve the customer support service. How can this be achieved with just one software tool, you might ask?

Employees from all in-house departments can create and upload articles to the knowledge base using simple and intuitive authoring tools. Some of the knowledge management solutions are mobile-ready so that this can be done on the go and from every corner of the world.

These articles can contain information on various topics, from best practices regarding a specific business process to how to resolve a specific customer issue. With this tool at their disposal, customer support agents can search for and quickly find answers to customers’ questions.

The external knowledge base serves as an extended helping hand to both customers and prospects looking for all kinds of information related to your products and services. Companies usually allow access to an external knowledge base through a self-service help center published on the official website.

This significantly improves the customer support service, because it is available around the clock. Some KB software vendors offer mobile-ready solutions so that customers can access articles from a mobile device of their own choice.

#2 Promote The Official Website

As we have mentioned, external knowledge base can be published via KB software to an official website. This is not only convenient for customers, but it also has several benefits for the organization. The most obvious benefit is increased ticket deflection rate since customers will be solving the majority of their problems related to a service or product by reading your articles.

With KB accessible via a website, the average time a user spends on your official website will increase significantly. This metric is very significant in the SEO world because the longer the average time is the better your website will be ranked in people’s search inquiries. This really goes well with startups that sell their services and products online.

Furthermore, advanced knowledge management tools offer SEO optimization for the content users are uploading. These tools can also be integrated with Google Analytics to further improve SEO of the articles uploaded to KB.

When better ranked, you will increase the chances of attracting not only your customers but also valuable prospects who found answers to their problems in your KB. Bottom line, self-service enabled websites do perform better than those that don’t offer this convenience.

#3 Employee Training & Onboarding

A self-service help center can be used for internal purposes, such as employee training and smoother new hire onboarding. And we know that both of these are important for better business development. The very nature of the KB allows hires to update, contribute and access content whenever they like, so that they can organize their time as they please and read about the best practices on the go.

Since KB is a collection of accumulated knowledge, experience, and best practices, everything it contains can be used to educate new hires and quickly introduce them to their new responsibilities and operations tied to their role in the company. Advanced KB software allows a user to search the content to decrease the time needed to access the needed information.

When it comes to sales and support reps, it is important to supply them with the newest product/service information. This will allow them to quickly answer any questions asked when they are face-to-face with customers. This way, KB software offers a unique type of real-time training opportunity.

#4 Better Collaboration

The most valuable thing for better business development is the fact that KB software inspires collaboration and knowledge sharing. This software provides a unique opportunity to create a company culture that promotes something that inevitably leads to organic business development.

Since it is made to be easy to use, KB software allows all employees to contribute by uploading and sharing the essential knowledge related to their job. We are not talking about product/service descriptions and help documentation. These include best practices, tips, and tricks, the latest solutions that contribute to better efficiency etc.

Since any changes to KB are instant, the information flow happens in real-time so that every team has access to the latest and most accurate information. And this all happens in one place since KB software offers a centralized documentation solution.

At the end, it is important to note that the latest knowledge management tools are scalable to your business needs. This is very convenient for companies in the development stage, as they can make use of more advanced features as they grow.

As you can see, the spectre of knowledge base software implementation is very broad. It can bring a lot of improvements to your customer support department, increase the efficiency of your official website and enhance the overall agility of your business. Above all, it can inspire a knowledge sharing culture in your organization. In order to use this tool to the fullest, it is best to determine your business goals and then see what feature of KB software can bring direct improvements and allow you to achieve those goals faster.



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