26 Hottest Twitter Management Tools In 2016

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Using Twitter as a marketing tool is nothing new. There are, however, tools that will make managing this platform easier. Here are the 26 hottest ones of 2016!

Although the Twitter stock is stumbling, it doesn’t mean its efficiency to bring in new leads and traffic is. In fact Twitter is one of the best social media networks to build traffic to your website. Average digital marketer manages more than 7 Twitter accounts. If you want to scale your following on twitter from 0 to 100.000 people it’s very hard, if not almost impossible to do it manually. Imagine scaling 20 accounts simultaneously. Thanks to great tools out there we can put the growth strategies and necessary labor on background and start to focus on what actually matters, content.

26 Hottest Twitter Management Tools

This my nerdy side talking, but It’s super exciting to see Artificial Intelligence services are finally starting to pop out on the SMM market. Looking really forward to see how they will shape the future of Social Media marketing. Here is the ultimate list of top Twitter management tools that every digital marketing professional should try out.

26. ​TwitCam

Twitcam allows you to proadast on Twitter in a real time by posting a video discription link to Twitter. It allows also to chat with your viewers via Twitter right from your broadcast page. And after you are done, it archives it, so you can share it with others, who missed it.

25. Twibes


Twibes, allows users to find other groups of people by using tag system. It’s a great tool to find others with using similar tags.

24. Tweriod


Tweriod is a free tool for keeping track of the time when most of your followers are on Twitter. Tweriod gives you the best times to tweet.they analyse both your tweets and your followers’ tweets. So you can start tweeting when it makes most sense to reach others

23. TweetChat


Tweetchat has made chatting on Twitter easily. It’s a central place to enjoy and share your favorite tweets from the hashtags you participate in or a way to explore what other users have liked in the hashtags you are interested in and engage in. Wherever you favorite your tweets – in your mobile app, on Twitter, or in a TweetChat room – all your favorites will be found on your FavePages categorized by date and hashtag for easy reference.

​22. GroupTweet


GroupTweet makes it easy to collaborate on a Twitter accounts without giving out your personal password. They solve a huge headache for school, business, team Twitter accounts.
Group tweet works by simply sending a DM from their personal Twitter accounts to the group account using any Twitter app they prefer. GroupTweet listens for incoming DM’s from authorized contributors and converts them into Tweets from the Group account. Great for private group communication or when you want the Tweet to only appear as coming from the group account!

​21. Socedo


Socedo helps you to take the guesswork out of finding the right people to follow and connect with on social media, with a special focus on generating leads. You simply write down the criteria for the people you want to connect with and Socedo will return the social media profiles of those who meet your requirements. What brings Socedo out from the crowd is that it helps you to insert those peoples as leads to CRM

20. ​Twilert


Twilert is like like Google Alerts for Twitter! Just set, up your keywords and you get Email alerts for them. When you or your brand gets mentioned on Twitter, you can use Twilert to alert you by Email and you can participate in the interaction. Reputation management is a must in the social media game people wait for responses within a few hours, so you have to react accordingly.

​19. Twitalyzer


Twitalyzer provides one-click access to the richest body of metrics for Twitter accounts available today. By combining basic Twitter measures with demographic data, widely used metrics like Klout, and our own proprietary scores, Twitalyzer is a “one stop shop” for all of your Twitter analytics needs.

​18. TwtPoll


​TwtPoll is an amazing tool for gathering feedback from your followers. TwtPoll allows users to create social media surveys that could be posted directly to Facebook, Twitter or sent directly on email. Users don’t need accounts to participate.

17. socialsearch.io


SocialSearch sends out an email Every day where it shows profiles of people potentially interested in your product or service.

​16. TweetReach


TweetReach is developed for a hardcore marketing and PR professionals. TweetReach gives you an insight of the true reach of your tweetby showing how far your tweets actually travel.
Tweetreach Pricing starts at $99/month

15. Twitter Playlist

Twitter Playlist

We all have some content that never ages, but it’s usually super annoying to reschedule it every single time. This Playlist allows not to only schedules posts few weeks in advance but also keeps and catalogs your posts and re-publishes them. You probably don’t have time to post new updates every week, so Playlist saves your posts and re-posts them over your desired amount of time for a new audience to see and share them. This way you recycle your posts and re-use them, it saves you time and money, and it keeps your Twitter account active. You can set up specific time period when it will post your content and how long until it reposts the same tweet. One of my favorite features is a bulk uploader for Twitter, that allows uploading hundreds of tweets at once.

14. narrow.io


​Narrow helps you build a targeted Twitter following by making it effortless for you to interact with users who are likely interested in your product, service, cause or business. It’s quick and easy to use. Simply enter keywords or hashtags and we’ll identify a relevant audience for you and start building your following. They also offer Twitter Automation, analytics. They are relatively cheap.
Service starts from $19per month after 7-day free trial

13. Klout


Klout offers several ways to bring influencers and brands together.
Earned media isn’t new. have been talking about your brand for years on social media, and because 92% of people trust their peers, it’s had a major impact. In fact, earned media provides 4x the brand lift of paid ads.

But it’s never been more important to build earned media into your plan. Reaching consumers through organic and paid channels is increasingly difficult and expensive.
Klout Perks connects the world’s top brands with the most powerful content creators online to easily and scalably create authentic earned media that works.

12. Paper.li


They have reinvented Twitter news feed curation to the new level. They proccess 144 million sites in 8 languages. With over 200 million articles being published daily, Paper.li is been widely used by professionals and individuals alike for bringing engaging content to their followers. Paper.li makes it easy for you to curate content manually or automatically, and makes it easy for you to present all this content in a newspaper fashion layout.

11. Tweepi


Tweepi is a great tool when it comes to building a follower base. It allows to Find users by interest, full name, company name, location, or other criteria. Just enter a search query and you’ll get a list of relevant tweeps. Tweepi helps to analyze and filter tweeps out based on their activity. They also offer unfollowing inactive, non-followers, etc.
They are relatively cheap starting from $6.17 per month

10. FollowerWonk


FollowerWonk made by MOZ is one of the best free analytical Twitter tools out there. It helps you to dig deeper into analytics, that Twitter doesn’t provide. FollowerWonk gives you exact overview of your visitors demographic, visiting habits and other useful information like how influential they are.

​9. ManageFlitter


Manageflitter is easy to use free Twitter Management tool. What I like about this tool is, they allow us to clean up our account from inactive followers for free.they also offer advanced analytics for premimum accounts. Besides that, they have a cool features like Powerpost. It will schedule your post automatically for optimum visibility & engagement.

ManageFlitter offers a freemium and their Premium service starts from $12

8. SocialBro


SocialBro is a certified Twitter product that is widely used by most of the marketers. SocialBro offers features which will help you make most out of your Twitter account. They offer features for finding the influencers, connecting with them and finding the right time to tweet for max CTR. They also offer opportunity to run the DM campaigns.

7. Sprout Social

Sprout Social

Sproutsocial is a powerful management and engagement platform for social business. Sprout Social offers a single stream inbox designed to help you never miss a message, and tools to seamlessly post, colloborate and schedule messages to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. The platform also has monitoring tools and rich analytics to help you visualize important metrics.
Paid plans starts from $59 per month.

6. Hootsuite



I think every person who is into online marketing, has made an account on Hootsuite. That said, it covers over 35 social media networks, with amazing tools that help us to save time.
Hootsuite offers a free plan, paid plans start at $9/month.

5. Tweetdeck


Tweetdeck is one of the best tools for SM managers for managing multiple Twitter accounts. Tweetdeck makes it easy to engage, track, organize and post on all your Twitter accounts simultaneously. You can easily swipe between multiple profiles, and have all your Twitter accounts at your fingertips.

4. SoGrow


SoGrow is my favorite tool when it comes to automating growth on Twitter. You can just set it up and kinda forget about it. It works by using Artificial Intelligence engine and your specifications to trawl social media, find your ideal audience, and break the ice by, liking or retweeting relevant tweets or by following right Influencers. Using highly advanced artificial intelligence, SoGrow finds and selects profiles that fit with you and your business. By searching and analyzing the messages and profile information available on Twitter, SoGrow selects profiles that meet your needs, including influencers and potential customers. Why I like it so much is, it does almost everything that other growth tools, but it’s ran by A.I so it’s like I have hired a super cheap virtual assistant who works 24/7.

SoGrow subscription starts from $29 dollars per month. They also offer 30-day Free trial

3. Buffer


As we can’t leave out HootSuite, we also can’t do that to Buffer, they are one of the leading companies on the SMM market. They offer an amazing UX with great scheduling options across many platforms. This lets you keep to a consistent social media schedule all week long without worrying about micro-managing the delivery times. They also provide analytics about the reach and engagement of your posts.
Buffer offers a free plan and Paid plans start at $9 per month.

2. SoDash


SoDash is the tool for listening social media, they have a bigger capacity and accuracy because they are using advanced Artificial Intelligence. It’s a web-based tool that helps organizations engage with their markets through Social Media without drowning in a sea of insane chatter. SoDash taps into conversations on Social Media – picks out the relevant ones, archives them permanently, translates them into English and puts them in a sіngle place. SoDash lets you “tag” up messages in whatever way makes sense for your business. For example, is the message about you or your competitors? A sales lead, a complaint or a support inquiry? Here is the cool party: as you tag messages, SoDash looks for patterns and learns how to do the job for you. Sodash is more custom tool for businesses, that know what they are doing, rather than one size fits all.

1. ​Commun.it


Commun.it is one of the best free Twitter CRM tools out there. It provides support for community management, influencer identification, customer communication, multiple profiles, tweet scheduling. What I love the most, They help you to identify valuable Twitter members by categorizing people into 3 groups: Influencers, Supporters & Engaged Members. Judged by followers/following ratio, your engagement history, retweets & brand mentions.
Commun.It offers a free plan and paid plans starts at $25 per month.

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