10 Online Video Trends That You Need To Watch Out For

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Video, as we know it, is changing. Here are 10 trends to watch out for:

Not in terms of “why” it’s being used by marketers all over the world – that much is overwhelmingly clear. Not only is video the type of content with the highest level of engagement (an estimated 65% of people will watch more than 3/4ths of an average video), but it’s also one of the most shareable. According to another recent study, a massive 92% of people who watch a video on their mobile device say that they are very likely to share it with others if they enjoyed it.

It’s The “How” That Will Change The Way We Produce Videos

Instead, it’s the “how” of video that is currently going through a significant evolution – and one that businesses of all types would do well to pay close attention to. Think about the ways in which technology has changed over the last few years alone and it’s easy to see why. Not only is broadband Internet a staple in virtually every home in the country, but we now carry small devices around with us in our pockets all day that are essentially our own personal supercomputers. Live streaming has become the new norm and indeed, people watch live content on sites like YouTube and other OTT services more than they do almost anything else.

In the larger marketing sense, so much of your success comes down to your ability to not just keep up with these changes, but to stay as far ahead of the curve as you can. If you’re able to get in on the ground floor of some new trend or best practice before it captivates a generation, you have the potential to build something truly remarkable in terms of your audience outreach and engagement efforts.

That is ultimately the idea behind these ten online video trends that you need to watch out for as we move into 2019 and beyond. Taken together, they don’t just help confirm where video is – they shed light on where things are going and what the members of your audience are starting to care about. At that point, it’s up to you to provide it for them – which is something you can do in more ways than one.


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