10 Habits You Should Build Early To Become A Successful Founder

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Say goodbye to bad habits and hello to these ten which will make you a more successful founder:

Building a habit may be difficult and take some time, however once you have built them into your routine, you’ll be more productive and ultimately, a better founder. Take some time to be inspired by these habits listed below.

#1 Have A Goal

This in itself is not a habit, however setting yourself one big goal and lots of small goals on the way is one. Remind yourself of them frequently so as not to lose perspective. Write them on a post-it in your office, save them on your phone or put them in your diary.

#2 Adjust Expectations

At the same time, there is nothing wrong with changing your goal depending on reality. You should always calculate with half of the profits and double the investment, a wise man once said. According to this, you will have to make adjustments to your budget and thus, to your expectations. Expecting too much can lead you to be disappointed constantly, so celebrate small successes and learn not to be disappointed when your original plans change.

#3 Make Lists

Getting used to writing everything down in list form may be hard at first, and some people have real fears of to-do lists. However, they help you keep track of what you need to do next. Have a list for to-dos, one for expenses, one for budget, one for your backwards plan and of course, don’t forget to keep a bucket list!

#4 Know How To Switch Off

Don’t forget to take a break. One valuable habit to have is to be able to leave work at work. The ability to switch off on weekends or evenings means you can enjoy your free time more, switch off your phone during films in a cinema and spend time with friends and family without being distracted.

#5 Be Decisive

Being decisive is a brilliant habit because with it, you’re able to make decisions quickly and stick to them. Even if you need some time to consider your decisions, this habit will help you a lot in the business world.

#6 Schedule

Start doing this on a Sunday evening for the upcoming week. Sit down and schedule your to-dos, appointments and anything else you need to do for the week. This helps you to have free time and to keep a clear head. By making this a habit, you’re already ahead of the pack!

#7 Communicate & Listen

Learn to communicate with others, but more importantly, learn to listen. There are about one thousand quotes out there about how listening is so much more important than speaking – and they are right. Good communication is essential as an entrepreneur and it will lead you to be more successful in the long run.

#8 Prioritise

We all know what it feels like when all of a sudden a hundred things have to be finished at once. Try to build the habit of keeping a cool head and prioritising. This way, you’ll get much more work done than starting everything and trying to multi-task. Pick the most important thing first and then work your way down the list.

#9 Connect

Keeping in touch with prospective clients, partners and team members is another essential habit founders should have. Connecting with new people can be fun and has the potential of paying off. Start by going to connecting events for founders to meet new people and exchange ideas!

#10 Learn

Finally, make learning a habit. Constantly updating your skill set can never hurt, and learning will open new possibilities for you. This can range from reading inspirational books to learning something new through an online course. Also, learn from your mistakes. This is the best piece of advice most entrepreneurs will give to aspiring entrepreneurs.

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