Stan Baek

Stan Baek: “I Will Support Youngs Who Are Eager For Challenges In Their Lives.”

May 31, 2016

Stan Baek visited 8 different countries in Europe and interviewed 9 founders and CEOs of startup companies in 14 days. Here’s why:

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Urbello anna halsall

The mission of London based startup Urbello is to make people stay connected by sharing interesting stories about their cities. CEO Anna Halsall explains how it works:

The Connected Vehicle Evolution From An IoT Perspective: Interview With Manuele Cavalli, Co-Founder Of TEXA
May 30, 2016
DOWNTOWN UPTOWN: “We Won’t Compromise On Our Principles.”
May 28, 2016
apps cellphone

Living in Vienna and looking for helpful services to make your everyday life easier? We’ve got you covered!

How To Master Public Speaking And Pitching
May 25, 2016
How To Successfully Hustle Between Multiple Projects
May 24, 2016

Growing up your business often means turning some attention to the boring stuff you neglected while focusing on sales growth. It’s only up to you to do it.

navy sailors crowd funding

Although Regulation Crowdfunding applies to US companies international partner and joint venture companies can be beneficially and adversely affected. Learn what you should know:

Kill The “Elevator Pitch” To Promote Entrepreneurship
May 26, 2016
London vs. Berlin: Which Is The Winner Of The Startup Battle?
May 20, 2016

Karol Domagalski, co-founder of Upfit and entrepreneurial spirit from Hamburg, tells us about how this revolutionary concept is changing the way people think of dietary and healthy eating by offering a completely new perspective of it. Learn more:


Here is your daily dose of inspiration that you need to keep pushing forward with your business on the pathway to success.

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May 20, 2016
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May 19, 2016

A survey of more than 1,000 UK SMEs shows a split among Britain’s entrepreneurs over the forthcoming EU referendum, with 51% in favor of a Brexit and 49% voting to stay.


Businesses are growing just like people. Starting up is like infancy. The inflection point where sales start to take off is like hitting puberty. The older it becomes, the more complicated it gets.

Forget Growth Hacks – Privacy Is The New Secret To More Customers
May 22, 2016
Why European Agricultural Startups Should Join Agro Innovation Lab!
The Benefits Of Audience Insight For Your Business

It’s true to say that the vast majority of us consistently monitor our website analytics. In fact, 56% of companies use Google analytics to drill down their web traffic and a further 40% use it in conjunction with other analytic tools. However, a shocking 11% of businesses in 2016 aren’t analysing their website traffic at all.

How Important Is Your Personal Brand In 2016?
April 10, 2016
Influencer Marketing: The PR In Today’s Digital World
March 27, 2016