Bring Your Business to Germany’s Densest Digital & Tech Ecosystem: Welcome to Leipzig!

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Invest Region Leipzig invites you to bring your scaleup to Germany’s most dynamic city. With digital & technology sectors driving the region’s growth, learn how Leipzig’s ready supply of talent, business ecosystem, infrastructure, young cosmopolitan population & financial benefits will help accelerate your business growth!

The Leipzig Region boasts a truly unique ecosystem in Europe. It has always impressed with its business logistics and outstanding connections to national and European transport networks. Now, an ambitious, skilled workforce, technical and cohesive social infrastructure, attractive office and commercial space, and a highly educated talent pool of motivated specialists make Leipzig the perfect platform for growing your business.

Strategic Focused Growth

Leipzig is the fastest growing city in Germany and has been heralded as a City of the Future in the ‘Cities Human Capital and Lifestyle’ category by fDi Intelligence for its long-term investment potential. Thanks to a targeted cluster strategy, the Region of Leipzig now has a variety of structurally developed industries such as the automotive and related supply chain industries, as well as health management and biotechnology. Leipzig hosts many other expanding industries ranging from energy and the environment to media and the creative arts. To get a smooth start in the new location, Invest Region Leipzig supports scaleups setting up business in this German region.

Discover Leipzig’s Fastest-Growing Sectors

More than 1,200 companies employing 14,000 people currently have operations in Leipzig. The city is home to Germany’s densest digital and tech ecosystem, with 35% of all available office space taken up by startups, scaleups, and large information & communication technology (ICT) companies.

Drawing on its existing strengths in ICT, tech and digital, energy, mobility, and the life sciences, Leipzig has been selected to become Germany’s Smart City Champion under the federal government’s Digital Hub Initiative, and the new home for the Federal Cyber Security Agency helping Leipzig to become a focus for future digital development.

Key Focus Areas

Digital Manufacturing

The Leipzig Region is a traditional hub bringing out solid, but innovative, manufacturing tools and techniques. Businesses in the region are working on advanced manufacturing technologies, from digital manufacturing to robotic automation and cybersecurity.

Technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), big data, cloud computing, and additive manufacturing, have a growing presence in Leipzig. Moreover, the university association Saxony 5 fosters innovation in the digital manufacturing industry through Co-Creation Labs such as the “Factory of the Future”.

e-Commerce & Logistics

Located at the intersection of some of Europe’s oldest trade roads, Leipzig has always been an important node for international trade routes and supply chains. Within Europe, the Leipzig region is ideally positioned to directly access the German market with its 82+ million residents, but also the 150 million consumers in the nine neighboring countries surrounding this region.

The Leipzig region has become a recognized leader in logistics and has over 1,500 logistics companies and service providers, employing 36,000+ people. Germany is also the largest e-commerce market in Europe and one of the largest e-commerce hubs in the world.

The Logistics Living Lab in Leipzig is driving innovation along the logistics value chain. Bringing together academia, startups, and large companies, the lab aims to accelerate the technology transfer of cloud logistics, IoT, sharing economy, supply chain management, big and smart data analytics solutions.


Energy and environmental technology offer companies a wide field of activity in the Region of Leipzig. A model region for electromobility since 2010. The industry supports 1,300+ companies with more than 12,000 employees and utilizes 650 hectares of industrial and commercial space. Leipzig provides energy companies with the innovation ecosystem required to tackle big industry challenges.

For example, teams of researchers work on complex environmental challenges at the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ). Processes developed at UFZ are available via technology transfer for practical use all over the world.

Leading companies from the energy and environmental industry are based in the Region of Leipzig. Among them is the highest-grossing eastern German company, Verbundnetz Gas AG, as well as the European Energy Exchange. The region is also at the forefront of green hydrogen research network through the HYPOS initiative.

Why Choose Leipzig?

Leipzig offers a robust digital innovation ecosystem for startups, scaleups, and established companies. With access to research & development (R&D) partners and technologies, businesses are able to develop and implement the right assets and solutions.

A Diverse & Rich Pool of STEM Talent

Leipzig is a growing city that welcomes innovation. Its lively corporate & startup scene, as well as the vibrant higher education system, fosters highly skilled talent whilst offering optimal infrastructure & an outstanding R&D landscape.

The German center for artificial intelligence ScaDS.AI (Center for Scalable Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence) is also based in Leipzig. The center strives to bridge the gap between the efficient use of mass data, advanced AI methods, and knowledge management.

An Ideal Location for Business

Highly efficient economic development and cluster management organizations, such as Invest Region Leipzig, work hand-in-hand with international companies looking to expand in the Leipzig Region.

Leipzig also offers access to a unique array of European, German, and state-specific incentive programs, such as non-repayable investment grants of up to 30% of total investment costs.

The Leipzig Region boasts one of the highest productivity rates in the world! Big factors that enable Leipzig to be globally competitive include German quality standards and decreasing unit labor costs.

A World-Class Logistics Hub

Leipzig offers excellent conditions for efficient, innovative, and digital manufacturing for companies even with logistically extensive supply chains. The region is an attractive location due to its central position in Europe and a trimodal traffic connection with the second-largest freight airport in Germany.

With its 24-hour operation, the Leipzig/Halle Airport, hosting DHL’s biggest air freight hub, is a significant factor making Leipzig one of the top 5 European cargo hubs. The region also offers easy access to growing markets in eastern Europe and Asia.

You will be in Good Company in Leipzig

Well-known manufacturers such as BMW, Porsche, Future Electronics, and Dow Chemical have all set up facilities in the Leipzig region.

Major players like Amazon, momox, or Future Electronics run major fulfillment operations in the region. Numerous leading service providers along the e-commerce value chain, including Radial, blugento, dotSource, and diva-e are also located here.

The Mercateo Group, one of Europe’s leading operators of internet platforms for business customers, recently announced the relocation of its 500 strong headquarters from Munich to Leipzig.

Lifestyle Benefits

Leipzig is modern, welcoming, and cosmopolitan, with almost 20% international residents. The city offers superior health and education support, with more than 150 schools and 40,000 university students producing an innovation-hungry talent pool. The region offers inexhaustible opportunities for sports and recreation, including 13 lakes and almost 30,000 hectares of green space. With an average age of only 42, the region also hosts a vibrant cultural scene with nightclubs competing with Berlin. Together, these make Leipzig one of Europe’s most livable cities.

Get Settled with Invest Region Leipzig

Leipzig provides a fantastic opportunity for scaleups when considering expanding in Germany. Invest Region Leipzig is your right partner to help you settle into this fast-growing region.

For advice, Invest Region Leipzig offers a free and confidential service to provide intel on market and competitor landscapes, connections to real estate agencies, and recruiters tailored to your needs. Their team has designed a process to assess whether Leipzig is the right place for you – without any risk or costly investments. The package offers customized support on the following topics:

  • Funding – grants & subsidies
  • Talent recruitment
  • Scaling
  • Building a local business network
  • Regulatory frameworks

Leipzig is Europe’s smartest and fastest-growing investment hub – visit Invest Region Leipzig’s website and find your guide to what Leipzig has to offer and to help you find the right space, specialists, and subsidies.

We know that the current pandemic makes site selection more challenging but hope that we can build the foundations for your move and give you a clearer picture of the opportunities that await your business. As a first glimpse, watch Invest Region Leipzig’s short video:



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