World’s Largest Powertrain Development Company AVL Introduces Startup Program CREATORS EXPEDITION

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The independently operating, strategic unit of AVL, CREATORS EXPEDITION, unites two worlds: startups and corporates. The program is aimed at auto-tech startups looking to mature their prototype and scale internationally.

Austria-based company AVL, the world’s largest independent company for development, simulation, and testing technology of powertrains for passenger cars, trucks and large engines, is introducing its startup initiative, CREATORS EXPEDITION.

70 Years Of History In Automotive Innovation

AVL was founded 70 years ago by Prof. Hans List, driven by his entrepreneurial acumen. “Since then, AVL is living the innovative spirit”, explains Georg List, Vice President Corporate Strategy.

Having collaborated with disruptive startups for a while now, the enterprise takes its commitment one step further by launching the CREATORS EXPEDITION – an independent gateway for startups into the automotive industry. The motto of the program was not chosen randomly as Jonas Schneider, responsible for the program and startup development, explains: “As on an expedition we’re joining forces with strong startup partners and each part brings in its respective strength and competence. Even though the way is not always straight and easy, we’re working closely with the startups in order to reach our common goal“.

Track Record Of Successful Collaborations

World’s Largest Powertrain Development Company AVL Introduces Startup Program CREATORS EXPEDITIONLaunched earlier this year at Pioneers Festival in Vienna, AVL presented one of the successful startups they’ve already collaborated with:

Rimac Automobili produces a full range of EV components and provides support from the project start until serial production. Their level of vertical integration enables them to carry out EV projects in-house, decreasing cost and time.

During the event, more startups out of the automotive and mobility sector pitched their businesses:

Tourmaline Labs provides intelligent data services on driving behavior, enabling multi-driver organizations to proactively assess risk and establish a culture of eco-friendly safer driving.

Technology company BroadBit develops innovative batteries using novel sodium-based chemistries to power the future green economy as well as high power and low-cost battery capable of fully recharging in five minutes.

Blickfeld offers a combination of a high-performance Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) sensors and appropriate software. This technology enables machine perception and provides enhanced knowledge about the environment, catering the needs of autonomous driving, drones, and automatic systems.

LGM aims to make energy usage in the automotive industry more efficiently. By developing an innovative technology, the startup allows to multiple energy gained from one single power generator.

Providing An Independent Entry Point To The Automotive Industry

World’s Largest Powertrain Development Company AVL Introduces Startup Program CREATORS EXPEDITION

Sebastian Jagsch (Strategy & Technology) & Jonas Schneider (Program & Startup Development) at CREATORS EXPEDITION

The CREATORS EXPEDITION is the central contact point for auto-tech and software startups that are reaching out to AVL as a corporate partner. The program’s aim is to provide startups with an independent entry point to the automotive industry while benefiting from a strong market leader. CREATORS EXPEDITION’s highest priority is the co-innovation together with startups in order to form the transformation of the automotive industry that is in full swing.

Since AVL is acting in the development of powertrain systems, simulation as well as engine instrumentation and test systems, their program has a clear focus on startups developing cutting-edge technology in the areas of electric mobility, autonomous driving, data-driven innovation & artificial intelligence. The CREATORS EXPEDITION is looking for early and growth stage startups that not only deliver a pure invention but also bring a valid use case and, above all, a strong team. During the six months long program, these young companies will co-develop new products & services in the scope of electrification and autonomous driving together with AVL.

Promising Advantages For Startups Looking To Scale

“With our program, we focus on the current megatrends electrification and autonomous driving and provide auto-tech startups a direct contact to AVL as a corporate partner”, says Sebastian Jagsch, Global Head of the AVL Startup Initiative. The advantages such a strong and experienced partner offers are tempting: AVL is active in more than 20 countries, leads Austria’s patent ranking for the past 10 years, and provides an extensive partner and mentor network to benefit from.

From maturing prototypes and scaling internationally to supporting international industrialization efforts, auto-tech startups are offered individual services tailored to their exact technology and business needs. During the expedition program, the startups are working together with AVL’s teams within customer or research projects and on top of that, benefit from access to expert know-how and technical infrastructures, like test beds, testing systems, and the necessary software. ”During the six months program, we focus on the development of innovative technologies and also on getting to know each other. After testing the new solution in the market we’re able to decide together with the startup on the best way of how to collaborate in the future”.

The program is already open for applications and the top startups will have the chance to participate in the Auto-Tech Innovation Alm early 2018: a two days innovation event held at a remote location to innovate and network without distraction (for the exact timeline follow CREATORS EXPEDITION on Facebook).

To participate, make sure to apply until November 30th!


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