Wood Meets Carbon Fibre: Wooden Wallets Made In Austria

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Wogenfels, a startup from Klagenfurt, Austria, launches a major offensive to invade pockets worldwide with the help of a Kickstarter campaign. What you need to know about their Wooden Wallets:

Wogenfels and its combination of wood and carbon fibre are ready for take-off: The startup from Klagenfurt, Austria, which produces and sells high quality wallets and other accessories made of these materials, launches its worldwide offensive via the crowd-funding platform Kickstarter. Wogenfels wants to be able to collect 15.000 Euro until October 12th. The money is supposed to help professionalize the production process and accelerate the growth of the market.

“After one year of designing, drafting and building prototypes, we are prepared and ready to change the market permanently with our products”, says Stephan Wölcher, CEO of Wogenfels. This is why the startup presents and offers its wooden wallets via the crowd-funding platform Kickstarter since September 12th. And the offers are quite special: if you decide to support the campaign, you will be rewarded with one of the innovative wood and carbon fibre wallets; the price will be 99 Euro instead of the retail price of 189 Euro. Nut, oak and cherry wood are currently available.

A Wooden Wallet That Is Designed To Last

“It was our highest goal to design products that do not only look good, but are also durable and robust”, is how Stephan Wölcher describes the intentions regarding the design of Wogenfels’ products. Even though each wallet is crafted from precious wood, it can resist all different kinds of strain. The wallets are real lightweights: with a depth of 19 mm they only weigh 80 grams. For those who are into it it’s also possible to burn in personal initials.

Conquering The World From Klagenfurt

Wogenfels, which was founded last year by Wölcher and his partner Dominik Pototschnig, wants to use the Kickstarter campaign to establish their reputation on a global level. “When we both started to study industrial engineering at the FH Kärnten last year, we would not have dared to dream about founding Wogenfels”, says Dominik Pototschnig. It began with first attempts on the CNC machine, which the two of them built by themselves for this purpose, first tries on the 3D printer and, of course, countless hours of handiwork. With the help of this campaign both of them aim to professionalize the process.

Wölcher is convinced that Wogenfels is about to grow. This optimism is also reflected in the company’s name, as Pototschnig describes: “The first part, Woge, which is a German word for wave, symbolizes the
continuous growth and development of the company, while the second part, Fels, which is German for rock or boulder, stands for the consistency of the quality of our products.” In order to further accelerate its growth, the young company is not only working on new products, but is also looking for active sales partners in German-speaking areas at the same time.

You can support their Kickstater campain until October 12th and read more about the ambitious startup on their website.


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