Why Communication Is The Essential Element In A Startup’s Core

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Communication should be a high priority on the way to building your company. But how can you implement it properly right from the start? We'll explain!

If we browse a little bit around on ‘startup job’ sites or just type the words ‘jobs’ & ‘startup’ into Google search we see two fields that are in a serious hiring process: there is high need of developers and web experts, eventually we could say any IT specialist and the other most needed employees are communication and marketing experts.

It all comes together when we think about it in details – communication is an essential to your project. It’s the key element for your growth that provides the fuel to start the company engine for startups and pull them up mostly out of nothing. You might have the basic elements you definitely need: idea, product, strategy, brand, policy etc. But now when it’s all together you will need to break down a couple of walls and go ahead show yourself and be seen. Time for communication! And you will see it’s the core to every action you take from now on.

First of all, of course, you want to be known, recognized and be out on the market. When you have dreamed of innovation and your product, your aim is to rock the market and be visible for everybody who might be willing to be connected with you.

Communication is a series of actions, which accompany your growth from the beginning to the end covering and involving several fields. This is the part of your company’s life cycle from the beginning and even form earlier on until the end (that hopefully never happens). From the moment when you are seen online, in any kind of media or you are presented at events, your company is on board. Therefore communication becomes a focus point that is here to stay. Smaller and bigger steps of communication actions can reach out as far as you have never imagined and build your brand, shape your company, grab attention from your audience and do so much more.

Doubtlessly we can still experience that both on international and smaller labour markets, although, as mentioned above, communication is core from the very beginning, when companies underestimate the importance of communication and don’t see the full impact.

How To Manage Communication Cleverly?

Obviously startups start at the very beginning and usually founders manage many roles at the same time in the period of establishing the core of the company and open newer roles in the process of growth.

The first advice would be, don’t take it easy and rise communication to a high importance level, red-flag it in all actions and handle it as a priority. Communication builds your reputation and when you build it up your priority has to be to protect it via all activities your company carries out on any level and channel. Building a reputation is not an easy task and it is even more complex to get it right! Moreover, when you think you got there, it’s done, you will see how fragile it is. Many issues can negatively affect your good reputation, some of which you don’t even have control over.

#1 Hire The Right Person

Hire a superb communication person from the beginning. Here the emphasis is on the word ‘beginning’. Realizing the need later (though it’s never too late!) would challenge both the company and the prospective communication person with having been dropped into deep water – involve them, motivate them to share ideas and think together.

#2 Focus On The Right Skills

Enthusiastic, loyal, passionate, engaged, adventurous and keen on learning. These fields are all required under any circumstances, these senses alone would certainly not be enough but could be the key to make them great at what they do.

#3 Collaborate

Work together on strategies. Build your communications steps into all business or sales actions and always report and reflect on it. Listen to each other and listen to the world’s (clients!) feedback. Rethinking the strategical action steps is not bad, it only means you are flexible and that’s important when many new companies are fighting for attention breaking into the market.

#4 Make Them Understand Your Business

Your communication person is the face, the ears, the speaking tube of your company – collaborative work is indispensable they need to know how the company by heart. In order to obtain this goal, take time and discuss, there are no silly questions and all ideas lead you somewhere – at least with a bad one you will get to know what’s the wrong direction.

#5 Keep Learning

One one the biggest strengths of a communication person is that they are able to take disappointment and deal with it. A project that hasn’t made the expected impact just teaches you and shows guideline for your future way.

You will need to choose the right person who has got all the attributions that are important to you. In that sense important is subjective, and so is the term right person. It simply means there is no secret recipe to find the right person, it’s much more about to clearly see what you really want and need and who fits into your company’s picture perfectly.

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