The Ultimate Guide To Becoming A Successful Appreneur

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Do you have what it takes to be a successful Appreneur? Check out these vital pointers to become a successful app builder.

Previously, people used to dream about becoming a doctor, lawyer, engineer, but now the tables have completely turned! “Appreneurs” – I use this term for mobile app entrepreneurs who sell apps like WhatsApp or SnapChat – have successfully turned startups into multibillion-dollar ventures and are the new talk of the town.

With mobile app development being one of the largest and fastest growing industries across the globe, a lot of developers jump on the bandwagon to cash in on this lucrative field. Now, many of you guys have this misconception that creating an app requires a nerdy person who excels to code or program. If that were true then Chad Mureta would never have been able to create an app empire from his hospital bed without any technical know-how or experience. And as of now, he has developed more than 50 apps, with the most successful one having been downloaded nearly 150 million times. All I want to say is that transitioning into a career as a mobile app entrepreneur is within your grasp. As long as you’re willing to put in the hard work and have just a bit of luck.

In today’s scenario, millennials who always tend to stay self-motivated, ambitious, and goal-driven are the key drivers. Building their own startups and adopting new technology is no longer a big deal for them. According to recent statistics, the revenue of the app store will double, reaching $284 billion by 2020. But the question remains “Am I eligible for establishing an app empire?”. Gladly, we all are worthy of trying our luck in the mobile market and earn hefty profits. Check out these three vital pointers to become a successful mobile Appreneur.

#1 Check App Stores Inside Out

Make Google Play and the App Store your new best friend. Try to get into the nitty-gritty of these stores. Research well, keep an eye on everything right from their apps to games, miscellaneous categories being updated day in day out. Also, take a look at the number; in which categories are apps with more vs. fewer downloads? Study and analyze such parameters to understand what works best so you can implement it in your app.

#2 Be Innovative Or Be Nothing

The world today seems to be filled with opportunities like never before, but only those who are capable of implementing their unique ideas succeed. The app-scenario changes every day, thus giving a huge opportunity to Appreneurs. To become a successful one, it is crucial to be innovative and design them for long-term success. A successful Appreneur is said to be one who adapts to changing situations and comes up with new ideas in a blink of the eye.

#3 Simplicity Is King

If you aim to build a successful venture, don’t create confusing apps that leave users with bad user experience. Look around; I am sure you will observe that most successful apps are also the simplest ones. For instance, big brands approach their customers with a simple design to connect with people easily. It’s all about keeping things simple and delivering a product that is incredibly refined, stylish, and caters to one single purpose.

That’s A Wrap!

Apart from the aforementioned reasons, there are several other pointers to take into account such as monetization strategy and how will you market the app. As an Appreneur, you need to be very patient. Your idea may not skyrocket initially and this is where you will need all the patience you can get. The more patience you show at such a critical time, the more significant your achievement will be.



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