UK RecTech Startup JamieAi Develops AI Algorithm To Advance The Matching Process

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In the matching process, career-focused factors, as well as personal preferences and cultural fit, are taken into account. JamieAi's CTO Dylan Buckley on bringing a new perspective into the recruiting scene:

How would you describe JamieAi in a few words?

JamieAi is a RecTech platform that allows individuals from the world of Data Science & AI to be matched with tailored career opportunities. We remove percentage-based agency fees and allow employers to engage directly with both active and passive talented data professionals.

What inspired you to create the AI platform? How did you discover the need for it and how are you planning to change RecTech?

Having come from both a technology and recruitment background my founder and I were able to see first hand that change is needed to better service both sides of the recruitment marketplace. We recognized that talented professionals and employers ultimately both want and benefit from the same things, efficiency, transparency, and trust across the hiring process. Through the utilization of AI and machine learning to better understand the motivations of all parties, we have created a platform that facilitates this.

What details can you share about the matching process? What data do you take into consideration?

The matching process is based on a range of career-focused factors (technical skills, compensation and location requirements, etc.), as well as broader considerations that take personal preferences and cultural fit into account. As an individual’s time and interaction with the platform increases, JamieAi automatically learns what motivates them as their career and experience develop. Through our algorithmic matching processes, you will always see a perfect opportunity when it arises, even if not actively looking for a new role.

Are you using JamieAi internally? How does that affect the viewpoints of the development team?

Yes, one of the first roles advertised on JamieAi was to work for us and this has proved crucial to our growth. We were able to experience exactly what the hiring process was like on JamieAi, enabling us to further improve the accuracy and efficiency of the matching engine as well as gain valuable insight into the end to end user experience.

Artificial Intelligence has already become part of our lives and will continue to influence us in the future, with Elon Musk even proposing it could endanger us. In what direction do you see it develop? What are some innovations we will see in the near future?

AI’s advancement and its increasing ability to effortlessly intertwine with our everyday lives have created a fundamental shift that is redefining the future of humankind. From virtual agents and chatbots through to advanced biometrics, the innovations across AI will be far reaching and extensive in their impact. The benefits and risks of AI, and the question as to where our future lies with the singularity, are being widely debated, but to quote Arthur C. Clarke “Whether we are based on carbon or on silicon makes no fundamental difference; we should each be treated with appropriate respect.”

What is the biggest challenge that JamieAi has faced so far and which were your biggest learning points?

Creating a platform that causes disruption across an industry which has seen minimal innovation over the past 20 years brings multiple challenges and obstacles for us to overcome. Our biggest learning point, which has remained constant from day one, is to make sure we are always listening. JamieAi has to keep the mutual interests of both sides of the platform at the forefront of our minds, without detriment to their user experience.

What’s next for JamieAi?

Focusing on providing the best possible experience for our users and ensuring their expectations are met is what drives us forward. By increasing the number of organizations who use our platform and therefore simultaneously the number of people hired via JamieAi we are able to work towards our mission to disrupt an industry that is long overdue change.

As a UK-based startup, what is one thing you wish for in improving the European startup ecosystem?

We are very proud to be a part of European startup ecosystem, it’s vibrancy, energy, and enthusiasm for innovation is inspiring. However, with Brexit looming we hope that this interaction between startups, investors and the community at large continues. Having support and encouragement across borders has already been instrumental in JamieAi reaching where we are today, we hope that this will be able to continue.

What’s one piece of advice you can give to fellow founders for their startup?

Feedback, feedback, feedback! Make sure you obtain it from as many people as possible and ensure they don’t spare your feelings! Whilst you don’t have to act on either their advice or criticism, being aware of its existence is of utmost importance. Ultimately, your best salesperson is going to be your user. If you listen and service their needs, they will be instrumental in growing your business and referring you to their colleagues and friends.



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