Top 10 Most Popular Startup City Guides

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Europe being alive with many local startup communities makes it easy to lose track of what's happening around the place. But don't worry, our Startup City Guides are here to help you. If you want to know which ones are trending right now, don't hesitate to check out our list!

Startup community in Europe is thriving and it doesn’t seem like the winning streak is going to end at all. With so many great places to become entrepreneur, is tough to be up to date with each of them. It’s natural that everyone involved in the startup environment has appetite for some useful tips on how to use the advantages of location. Yep, it’s not only important in real estate!

That’s exactly why our Startup City Guides exist. And when we say our, it means yours too. It’s because each of them is created by enthusiasts that are involved in local startup scene and want to share their knowledge with you. Either if it’s about the best places to work on your ideas (probably a fancy coworking space), or maybe a tip on how to get your idea supported (maybe by a local accelerator) – it’s all there. They are also a great way to extend your network – just don’t hesitate to connect with authors.

Some of the guides got a lot of traction from our readers. If you want to find out which it was, here’s the list of the 10 Most Popular Startup City Guides by Startus Magazine.



Our list opens with Luxembourg. Size of the country doesn’t really matter, if you take into account its location (in the heart of Blue Banana) and its population’s features (very cosmopolite and IT savvy).


Stockholm Startup City Guide

City of Unicorns as some call it, Swedish capitol is very efficient with producing startups that make it to the Holy Grail, already having six companies that made it pass the $1 billion valuation mark.



Baltic States are more and more getting to be known as a good place to implement new solutions, and Lithaunian capital is fitting there quite well with its rapidly developing startup scene.



If you’re scared of London’s size and sky-high prices, you can find the same international and open-minded vibe in Manchester, where technology and science are the main areas of startup emergence.



It seems like times of techno clubbing in Berlin are passing away. Now German capital is going through a whole new startup era, with co-working spaces and accelerators popping up around the whole city.



You can’t blame anyone for getting enchanted with beatuful Hradčany. But don’t forget that local startup scene has become really saturated, as many digital nomads and expats choose the place for its great mix of hospitality and accessibility.



UK capital city’s startup scene has become European benchmark, that the whole scene is aspiring to become. That’s not really a surprise, considering that this hub has almost two thousand startups already and possibilities of getting venture capital here are just as good as in the notorious Silicon Valley.



Don’t be surprised to find Hungarian capital in the top three, as it is becoming one of the best places for new entrepreneurs, with its easy to start a company laws and very welcoming startup community.



Our second most popular City Guide, the one whit which it all started, owes its position most certainly not to its age, but rather to the amount of opportunities that the city has for every startup enthusiast there.



And there we are, on the top of our list – Greek capital, the origin of European civilization and a startup hub most interesting to learn about, according to our readers.


If you want to read about other cities, check out the rest of our guides. You can always contribute to the startup community by sharing your experience and knowledge about the places that are still not on the map – get in touch with us!



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