The Number 1 Reason Why Leaders Fail

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Leaders' abilities are tested quite frequently. Failure is nothing to be afraid of, nevertheless it can be avoided. Here's the #1 thing to watch out for!

It’s simple. It’s quite obvious. It’s a classic leadership principle, but quite underrated none the less. The higher you go in your career and the older you get the tougher it gets.

The number one reason why leaders fail is because they aren’t teachable. Leaders are tested when it comes to receiving advice, feedback, being criticized etc. It’s a hard test, but it’s also one of their most important tests. Leaders who have developed humility from a place of originality and habit thrive under such tests.

As a leader you cannot afford to qualify people who can teach you based on your assumption of them. It can prove to be harmful for the organization and for you. Leading with a desire to constantly receive and learn is important.

The wisdom of ten men is better than one. So, then why bother listening just to yourself? Be willing to take the advice of your team, council or board. It’s impossible to know everything. You as a leader need the help and guidance of others to push the organization forward.

How do leaders remain teachable? By valuing others well. Leaders who don’t listen to people who don’t value them. It starts right there. So.. do you value the power of human resource? Do you believe it’s humans that build companies and change the World? Then be willing to learn from anyone. Use discernment and “value for people” as your tools to do it.


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