Storefront Partners With Obsess To Create The First-Ever Virtual Reality Pop-Up Stores

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Storefront is pushing the boundaries of the retail industry by giving brands for the first time ever the opportunity to rent Virtual Reality pop-up stores right on its platform.

Retailers and e-commerce brands can now launch a virtual, fully customizable store powered by Obsess’ VR technology, featuring their own inventory and choosing any layout, decor and style.

The “Future of Retail” is retail everywhere, according to Storefront.

Storefront is making retail accessible to anyone in the world by now giving customers a unique selling and buying experience through Virtual Reality, in addition to its current retail space offerings. Now, anyone has the ability to experience a physical store with the ease of online shopping.

“We see this Virtual Reality pop-up store as creating a new category between e-commerce and a physical retail space. It’s a great in between,” states Joy Fan, Storefront’s CCO .

Examples of the Virtual Reality Pop-Up Stores

Get A Taste Of (Virtual) Reality

With this new partnership with Obsess, brands and retailers can now easily book space through a New York City, Los Angeles, or San Francisco themed virtual store.

Now with this virtual pop-up store, e-commerce brands can get a branded store environment without the need to invest in a physical space — just yet. “Our goal is to bring the visual merchandising and curation of retail stores into online shopping to make it a more guided and enjoyable experience,” Obsess Founder + CEO Neha Singh explains.

By booking this virtual reality experience, brands will be able to increase digital engagement, reduce costs, create more traffic, and acquire new data.
A unique initiative that allows Storefront to open all doors to all ideas.

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