StartUs Goes Beta: The Launch Event

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StartUs celebrated its beta launch at the Improper Walls Gallery in Vienna and welcomes a brand new design and great new features. Here are some impressions of the event, we definitely all had a blast!

Just recently, StartUs had something big to celebrate: The Online launch of its BETA version, yay!
A bunch of new features and a brand new design are now leading StartUs into its next phase.
Within the last weeks, the StartUs team was very busy working with interface designers, frontenders and other creative minds to come up with a new, sleek and modern theme for the StartUs platform. The old design has been, well, nice for the first try, we have to admit.
Since the launch of the plattform at the end of June, already 230 people have created a profile and registered themselves as potential co-founder, mentor, investor or startup job seeker. So far, much more people interested in anything startup related are visiting the platform everyday.
There have been many reasons to party! So, Julia and Iryna, two of our lovely team members gathered together and organized the perfect launch event – thank you for that!
Urte, one of our skilled interns who is also managing the Improper Walls Gallery close to the StartUs office agreed to provide it to us as the perfect venue for the event.
With the help of some great sponsors such as Red Bull, Veilchenspritzer, Schremser Bier and timelack – we could even offer some free drinks to our guests (we are a startup, remember).

StartUs says thank you to all supporters, visitors and ambitious startup enthusiasts who made this event a special one. Many more to follow!

If you also want to become a part of the StartUs community, we’ll be happy to have you on board!





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