Startup Scaleup Screwup – New Book For New Innovation Leaders Is Out

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Startup Scaleup Screwup (Wiley, 2019) is the new book by Jurgen Appelo that offers a dynamic collection of examples, principles, and practices that addresses head-on the challenges that entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs face.

Startup, Scaleup, Screwup by Jurgen Appelo is the book for the new generation of founders and innovation leaders. With a mix of 50% inspiring stories and 50% practices to follow, it dives into the major topics that entrepreneurs and business leaders are confronted with from the moment they start a new company to the day they close the doors behind them.

Startup, Scaleup, Screwup is a guide for emerging and established businesses to accelerate growth, facilitate scalability and keep pace with the rapidly changing economic landscape. It provides business leaders and entrepreneurs with the tools and guidance to meet challenges head-on. Businesses all over the world want more innovation, with happier workers, and at a faster pace. It is time for them to learn how startups are agile and lean, and how they scale up their businesses.

It is also a book about European successes: Spotify, Typeform, Zalando, Booking, Rovio, and many others, have stories that are waiting to be told. Where do they get innovative ideas? How do they pick from funding options? How do they stay lean and agile while growing? And what were their biggest mistakes so far? With interviews from these international group of successful startups and scaleups, Startup, Scaleup, Screwup contains invaluable advice for creating, sustaining, and letting go of a business. The author and interviewees explore a wide range of topics that are vital for anyone dreaming of starting a new product or service and for entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs in the scale-up through a scale-down phase.

The book’s tools and tips are designed to accelerate lean and agile business growth. They cover a diverse and important set of topics, such as: how business leaders craft their product vision, how to choose from different funding options, define the qualities to look for in your first hires, how to get your product to market, working with a remote team, optimizing workflows, and discovering how to use a North Star Metric and a Journey Map, and much more. Ultimately, the author prepares the reader for the date when it all comes crashing down.



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