Apply For Startup Accelerator “GROW Mobility” By March 25

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“Think bigger” is the motto for the accelerator by the pioneer in electronic toll collection, Portuguese company Brisa. European startups with an MVP can apply to the categories Road Infrastructure, Tolling & Telematics & New Mobility until March 25.

Brisa, the group that established the core for the Portuguese highway system, counts innovation as one of its fundamental vectors, allowing it to be at the forefront of technological evolution. With GROW Mobility, disruptive startups can now profit from the groups’ 45+ years of experience with proven results delivered.

GROW Your Business!

Brisa aims to work with pre-seed & seed stage startups offering strong products & services around ETC, big data, GNSS, telematics, and RUC. Innovative startups that are close to or already have an MVP in place can apply to one or more of the following topics:

  1. Road Infrastructure: Improving operations & engineering, including but not limited to drones to assess and monitor roads, rails, bridges & lighting conditions and/or accidents & GNNS.
  2. Tolling & Telematics: Includes blockchain, multimodal mobility (e.g. ticketing), recognition technologies (e.g. plate recognition) as well as the Internet of Things (IoT), big data and the like.
  3. New Mobility: Fewer highways built and a lower car ownership culture calls for New Mobility solutions in the realm of Connectivity (Vehicle 2 Infrastructure, Connected Car, etc.).

Until March 25, startups can apply to GROW Mobility. The winners will be announced in April 2018.

Access To More Than 8 Million Clients & 1600+ km Of Roads

With more than 8 million customers, 1600+ km of roads and the newly established Brisa Campus, participants can be sure to increase delivery speed and agility. While generating convenient and efficient services for their clients, the group aims for participants of GROW Mobility to connect and accelerate.

Startups seeking the support of a strong industry leader to enter the market have good reasons to join the corporate accelerator:

  • Full access to the entire spectrum of Brisa’s market incl. 8+ million clients and 1600+ km of roads
  • Connection to new clients & investors
  • Exclusive access to office spaces on Brisa’s Campus
  • Sandbox for field tests
  • Contact to an extensive mentor network
  • Possible later financing
  • Management insights & access to administrative tools

In 2016, Brisa reached an EBITDA of 484€ million while operating 735 CCTVs, 140 road sensors, 71 patrolling vehicles, 35 meteo stations, and 17 highways among other assets – making it a perfect breeding ground for innovative technologies.

No Stranger To Startups

Brisa is headquartered in Portugal, however, their technology is also employed in the Netherlands along with the United States. The group operates in three main areas:

  • Operations: Coordinates resources required for an active traffic management including assistance to road users.
  • Technology: References players worldwide for innovative and distinctive technology solutions supporting mobility intelligent transportation systems (ITS).
  • Mobility Services: Includes electronic toll collection, fuel stations, and public transportation, among others.

Brisa introduced GROW Mobility at Web Summit Lisbon last year. As the group transforms from transportation & instruction company to a mobility company, establishing relationships with innovative thinkers becomes a core goal to achieve the company’s mission. GROW Mobility focuses on marketing new solutions and building partnerships with strategic players who share the same vision toward mobility.

To realize GROW Mobility, Brisa partnered with StartUs Insights, Europe’s leading startup & innovation network.



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