How Soft-Landing Facilitates Growth For European Startups & Scaleups

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Organized by Crosspring, uGlobally, and supported by Startup Europe, the Dutch edition of the program Soft-landing brought together the FinTech ecosystem last week. Let’s take a look at how Soft-landing helps companies enter a new market:

Soft-landing is a tailor-made program to help startups and scaleups explore a new ecosystem. The program allows companies to go to a new country and receive assistance from a local partner, who will help them understand the market dynamics and get connected with the ecosystem. The program is available in Germany, France, Lithuania, The Netherlands, India, and the USA.

The Program Is Designed To Make Growth Happen

Soft-landing’s main goals are to facilitate the entry into a new market and to provide in-depth knowledge about the process of international expansion. The ICT & FinTech incubator & investor Crosspring, the expansion platform uGlobally are experts in the local market who specially created the Dutch soft-landing program to help foreign FinTechs enter the country and do business in The Netherlands.

For example, the following questions were answered: Why is The Netherlands an interesting country for my startup? What is the FinTech scene in The Netherlands like? How can I incorporate a company in The Netherlands? What are the costs of incorporating a company? What are the regulations for FinTechs? How do I set up a strategy to enter The Netherlands?

How Does Soft-Landing Connect The Ecosystem?

From 23 to 27 September, participants had the chance to attend seminars, workshops, business meetings, mentoring sessions, and special events. The items on the agenda also included visiting major startup ecosystem hubs & builders, networking with local investors & startups, meeting individually-assigned mentors, and social events. The combination of these activities helps validate their product in The Netherlands, connect with the market and create strategies to succeed in the country.

The program was divided into 4 categories: Doing Business, Group Activities, Seminars & Workshops, Consulting & Mentoring. Through these activities, the participating companies were able to:

  • Connect with local industry players & meet other companies from the region
  • Gain a better understanding of the local ecosystem & opportunities therein
  • Learn the processes to scale their business & find out about the available resources
  • Access potential partners & customers
  • Test their solution in the new market
  • Break knowledge barriers about the foreign ecosystem

The startups & scale-ups that participated in this edition were Colibra, Educhanger, DX-Solutions, Anachrotech, Qcash, Yanda, and Finartz as well as the ecosystem builders SEB, IMAGURU, & Founder Institute.

With Whom Can I Connect To Find Out More?

Thinking about entering the Dutch market yourself? The organizers & supporter of Soft-landing Netherlands are happy to provide more info in different areas:

Crosspring is an incubator & investor focused on ICT and FinTech, which has assisted over 50 companies to start-up throughout the years. An international mindset is a core part of the incubator. Crosspring has a great number of foreign teams in the program, and all the startups are incentivized to think global from day one.

uGlobally is a company committed to break the barriers of internationalization and facilitate international growth for tech companies. They offer unique solutions for those entering new markets, such as the Go Global Platform, a digital internationalization academy, workshops and consultancy services.

Startup Europe is an initiative of the European Commission designed to connect startups, investors, accelerators, entrepreneurs, corporate networks, universities, and the media through an array of networks. Furthermore, it intends to connect local startup ecosystems around Europe and enhance their capacity to invest in other markets such as Silicon Valley or India.



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