Smart City Sprint Hack: Stockholm’s Event To The Top

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Stockholm invites innovators, entrepreneurs & creative thinkers to Smart City Sprint Hack - the event to bring Sweden's capital to the top. Apply now, only 2 team spots left!

Stockholm has a vision to become the smartest city on earth by 2040. And by smart, it means a better place to work and live for all its citizens. Activities like Smart City Sprint Hack, where the city invites the creative community to help create solutions, aims to get Sweden’s capital, and the people who live there, closer to this vision.

Smart City Sprint Hack & Its Mission

Why the organizers decided to go through with it? “All of us involved think it’s great to be able to contribute to a better world”, says Tetiana Siianko of IoT for Real. Living in Stockholm comes with some challenges: the weather, waiting in queues, traffic jams. As Ms. Siianko explains “IIn fact it is much easier to grumble than do something to change the existing status quo. We have knowledge, we have technology, we have bright minds – then what we are waiting for? No one can solve city’s problems except for us, Stockholm’s citizens. And in fact Smart City Sprint Hack is a great opportunity to do it.”

Why This Hack Is Different

You might have been to quite some hacks – but this one is a little different. Entrepreneurs and other creative companies are exclusively accepted as teams rather than indiviuals. As Stockholm provides open data on the city you are either meant to use this data or data you researched yourseld (e.g. sensors) in your solutions. The idea behind this requirements are to create better results for Stockholm not only in the short but also in the long run.

Another aspect compared to other hackathons is the structure: a pre-hack meeting lasting two hours which is dedicated to ideation will forego the actual 5 hour hackathon on June 22nd.

Smart City Sprint Hack

2 Team Spaces Are Still Open – Apply Now!

If you’re ready to find a real solution that can be implemented instead of just a concept and you are eager to see it come to life & make a difference for Stockholm’s citizens – apply!

Only two team spots are left so hurry up and take part in the event to realize the Stockholm’s vision for 2040! Visit IoT for Real for more information.


Smart City Sprint Hack



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