The Samsung Developer Program Opens Collaboration With Innovators & Developers To Build New Mobile Experiences

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“The World Runs on You” is the mantra of the Samsung Developer Program. The program provides startups, innovators, developers, and designers with the SDKs and tools to extend apps with Samsung’s services and APIs.

In a world where mobile experiences are the future, Samsung continues to transform devices into open and scalable platforms. It is these platforms that will unlock the innovation that flows seamlessly and continuously across all Samsung devices and software ecosystems. Therefore, Samsung Developers is now opening collaboration with great innovators, developers, designers, and partners to build new mobile experiences.

Why Join Samsung Developers?

#1 Samsung’s Massive Multi-Device Ecosystem

Most of us use multiple mobile and smart devices in our everyday lives. While each device has its own individual strengths, Samsung integrates these capabilities into an intuitive ecosystem. By offering seamless connectivity across devices, the ecosystem helps users accomplish more with greater ease. Samsung is a unique device maker covering smartphones, tablets, foldables, wearables, smart TV, digital appliances, and beyond.

#2 Emerging Technology

As one of the world’s leading technology companies, Samsung Electronics devotes its resources to developing products and services for the betterment of society. One of Samsung’s many goals is to develop and connect Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Internet of Things (IoT) services across its diverse product portfolio and to distribute such services equally and securely, in an effort to benefit all of humanity.

#3 Various Business Opportunities

By onboarding Samsung’s various platforms and SDKs, you can grow your business quickly and more efficiently. Samsung also offers promotion channels for startups and developers in Samsung Developers.

#4 Monetize Your Service

Galaxy Store is a marketplace designed for the Samsung Galaxy phone and Galaxy Watch devices. About 400 million users from 188 countries visit Galaxy Store every month and roughly 5 billion apps have been downloaded for Samsung Galaxy devices – from mobile and watch apps to themes and watch faces.

Which SDKs Are Available For Startups & Developers?

Samsung’s SDKs offer a wide variety of choices – from Artificial Intelligence to Blockchain and AR Emojis. Learn more about the benefits of each as well as who can profit:

Artificial Intelligence

Samsung Neural SDK

  • Performance improvement & development convenience: The Samsung Neural SDK supports the most popular machine learning frameworks and also a large number of existing pre-trained models, customized models, and a rich set of operations. This ensures your pre-trained neural network runs smoothly and with utmost efficiency across all Galaxy devices.
  • Use cases: Vision Intelligence, Augmented Reality Gaming, Computer Vision, Photo Editor, Video Editor, Augmented Reality Applications, etc.

For more information on how you can accelerate your neural network with the Samsung Neural SDK, read this recently published blog post by Samsung Developers.

You can request free access to Samsung’s Neural SDK here.


Samsung Blockchain Keystore SDK & Platform SDK

  • Improve usability by securing safety: The safety of private keys is important for any Blockchain service. You can develop more secure Blockchain services by using the Samsung Blockchain SDKs which create, store and manage private keys safely.
  • Connect to the blockchain network on the smartphone: The Samsung Blockchain SDKs bring partners and developers to the blockchain world by providing a full set of functions that your Decentralized App (DApp) or Blockchain App needs.
  • Use cases: Blockchain DApps that use a private key and network (Keystore: Ethereum/Tron/Klaytn/Stellar, Platform: Ethereum/Tron).

You can request free access to Samsung Blockchain SDKs here.
You can download the Samsung Blockchain Keystore SDK here & the Platform SDK here.


Samsung Embedded Secure Element (eSE) SDK

  • Compliance, security & privacy: eSE chips on Samsung devices have been certified by authorities (at least EAL5+ permit), providing an equal or higher security level as an electronic passport. This allows you to provide security to your customers.
  • Use cases: Security, Payment, Access Control, Mobile Ticketing, Transit, Authentication, etc.

You can request free access to Samsung’s eSE SDK here.


Samsung DeX Guide

  • Desktop-like user experience (DeX) & easy adaptation: Samsung DeX provides an easy-to-use and seamless Android-based desktop experience. Use your favorite mobile apps in DeX mode with keyboard/mouse gestures in a multitasking environment. As Samsung DeX is based on the latest Android OS, you can easily build your DeX-compatible app with minimum effort.
  • Use cases: Productivity Apps, Entertainment Apps, Messengers, Mobile Gaming, Video Conferencing, Desktop-like launchers, etc.

You can download Samsung’s DeX Guide here.

Galaxy S Pen Remote SDK

  • Convenience & enhanced user experience: The S Pen recognizes hand motion gestures, which can be set to respond to directional motions: Up, Down, Left, Right, Clockwise, and Counterclockwise. Additionally, the Note10 S Pen has both gyroscope and accelerometer sensors, which provide moving coordinates to the phone. This greatly enhances the user experience on your games and apps.
  • Use cases: Gaming, Personal Media Camera Control, etc.

You can download Samsung’s Galaxy S Pen Remote SDK here.

Galaxy Edge SDK

  • Differentiated user experience: You can expose your contents and services via the Edge Panel, which is accessible from any screen pages of Galaxy devices. With better accessibility and differentiated user experience, you can expect increased user engagement.
  • Curate & promote your contents: The edge panel can be used as a promotion platform. Curated contents or service features appear on the Edge panel of Galaxy devices and make them more accessible and thus more likely to be highlighted to users.
  • Use cases: Messengers, Productivity Apps, Finance, Media Platforms, etc.

You can download Samsung’s Galaxy Edge SDK here.

Galaxy AR Emoji SDK for Unity

  • Differentiated user experience & resource-saving: As a third-party developer, you can provide differentiated user experience by enabling the use of AR Emoji, Samsung’s 3D avatar model, as a character of your game application or 3D application using Unity Engine. The AR emoji is available through simple code updates, so you can save resources required for creating and animating 3D avatars.
  • Use cases: Mobile Games, 3D Contents, Virtual Reality (VR) & Augmented Reality (AR), Entertainment, Tele-Presence, Education, etc.

You can request free access to Samsung’s Galaxy AR Emoji SDK for Unity here.

Galaxy Performance SDK

  • Improved performance & more effective UX: The Galaxy Performance SDK provides faster processing operations by using hardware resources effectively. Additionally, it provides an interface of communication between the system and the application for a more effective user experience.
  • Use cases: All applications that are looking to improve performance without optimization of the software or algorithm such as transcoding and similar processing or operations.

You can download Samsung’s Galaxy Performance SDK here.



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