Japanese Real Estate & Construction Industries Accelerator Open Network Lab Resi-Tech Calls For Applications

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The Open Network Lab Resi-Tech Accelerator brings together major Japanese real estate and construction companies with global startups. If you want to create new value for these industries & scale your technologies in Japan, apply now!

Open Network Lab Resi-Tech (Onlab Resi-Tech) is a global accelerator program designed for real estate-related startups. The accelerator brings major Japanese real estate and construction companies together with startups to work across corporate boundaries and create new value that will be essential in the coming era. It leverages the Digital Garage Group’s global network and experience to support global startups in all stages.

Key Themes for the Onlab Resi-Tech Accelerator 2021

The themes for the 3rd accelerator batch include lifestyle proposals that respond to the new normal, safe and secure living, services that improve the quality of people’s lives, the use of advanced technology, and data in the real estate sector. This year, Onlab Resi-Tech is also looking for technologies or services driving digital transformation (DX) and solving environmental issues.

2021’s Priority Themes are:

  1. Life: Ways to improve the quality of lives
  2. Urban development: Ways to improve city environments
  3. Environment: Ways to facilitate a de-carbonized and recycling-oriented society
  4. DX: Ways to drive DX adoption in the real estate and construction industries
  5. Others: Innovation in collaboration with the real estate and construction industry

Why Join the Accelerator?

Onlab Resi-Tech supports co-creation by utilizing its partners’ assets and know-how in startup support and business creation cultivated by the Digital Garage Group for more than 10 years.

At Onlab Resi-Tech, major Japanese real estate, construction, and public transportation companies get together as a partner to work with startups worldwide even though they are a direct competitor each other. This enables startups worldwide to work with multiple major Japanese industry players at the same time, which means they have a chance to gain market share in Japan quickly. Additionally, the opportunity to co-create with several major players in the domestic real estate/construction industries allows startups to gain feedback and traction from multiple perspectives. See more details in the visual below, showing how this program structure allows startups to achieve great results:

Resi-Tech Track Record

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A Consortium of Industry-Leading Partner Companies Joins Res-Tech

  • Cosmos Initia Co.‚ Ltd.
  • Tokyu Group
  • Tokyo Tatemono Co.‚ Ltd.
  • West Japan Railway Company
  • Nomura Real Estate Holdings‚ Inc.
  • Hankyu Hanshin Properties Corp.
  • Mitsui Fudosan Co.‚ Ltd.

Comprehensive Support

The accelerator provides a project manager for you to support all communications with you and the partner companies. Depending on your needs, Onlab Resi-Tech can also bring in some specialists to overcome barriers of the Japanese market.

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PoC Cost & Funding*

Assistance is provided for expenses to carry out proofs of concept in the program as required. Funding for participating startups will be considered in certain cases.

6 Months Accelerator Program to Start in November 2021

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The 3rd Batch of the Onlab Resi-Tech accelerator program will kick off in November 2021, lasting approximately 6 months until May 2022.

Due to the impact of COVID-19, all programs are currently being conducted entirely online. Therefore, joining all necessary events and meetings is possible even for startups outside Japan.

Despite the participation in the accelerator is free, Onlab Resi-Tech offers unique values to its participants:

  • Cross-industry Approach: Onlab Resi-Tech is the only consortium made up of major companies in Japan’s real estate and construction industries. Therefore, the program allows startups to propose and implement cross-industry business ideas involving multiple major companies, which is unachievable in other programs.
  • Tailored Support: Every startup has different needs and ideas, such as product introduction, new business partnerships, or Japanese localization. Onlab Resi-Tech offers flexible support to help startups achieve their goals.
  • Communication: Differences in corporate culture, communication errors, and a lack of resources often hamper co-creation between startups and major companies. The Digital Garage Group, which has supported startups for more than 10 years, will be the project hub to support communication between startups and partner companies.

Don’t miss out and join Onlab Resi-Tech today to take your business to the next level!




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