Nextiva Launches New NextOS Platform To Unify Business Communications

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Nextiva, a unified communications company, announced today the official launch of NextOS, an all-in-one communication software that harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for its three new products. The new platform provides businesses with a complete view of their customers across all communication channels.

More than 50 percent of employees say they’d consider leaving their jobs due to a fragmented communication overload, and 63 percent say they’re unable to reach weekly goals due to these challenges. Such overload often materializes with the need to use more than a dozen applications to keep track of customer communications. To address these issues, all of the products on the NextOS platform work closely together through a common user interface. In addition to Nextiva’s current communications offerings, Nextiva now offers Nextiva Service CRM, Nextiva Chat, and Nextiva Surveys, all powered by the NextOS platform.

  • Nextiva Service CRM: Improves customer and employee communications in one product. Customers can contact businesses through chat, email, or phone, and companies can manage it all in one screen with automatically created cases.
  • Nextiva Chat: Connects businesses with website visitors in real time with Nextiva Chat. Companies can help customers faster and exceed expectations to deliver a better experience.
  • Nextiva Surveys: With multiple options for customization, Nextiva Surveys collects information from customers, prospects, and teams.

“We are living in the era of the customer,” says Tomas Gorny, Chief Executive Officer of Nextiva. “Expectations have never been higher, and while businesses are hearing more from customers, they are understanding less. Data is everywhere, but never where you need it. NextOS solves these problems.” Perhaps the most powerful part of NextOS is the use of Artificial Intelligence to help businesses. The products utilize NextIQ (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, plus Nextiva’s patented SmartTopics and experience scoring) and NextStep (a customizable, visual rules engine) to empower companies with a more comprehensive view of their customers than tools like the Net Promoter Score provide, along with highly targeted workflow automation.

The launch of NextOS and its components marks a pivotal shift for Nextiva as the company transitions its offerings from phone service-centric solutions to a unified suite of products that enable businesses to provide an improved customer experience. “VoIP is to Nextiva as books were to Amazon,” says Gorny. “The tools on the NextOS platform empower businesses to gain a holistic view of their communications and customer interactions without the use of siloed, fragmented tools.”




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