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Portugal's ability to learn and never give up are a true inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and developers. Le Wagon Lisbon offers free events & a coding bootcamp teaching you exactly these values.

Portugal is showing signs of great improvement in economic growth, rising levels of tourism, investments from overseas and other achievements like winning the Euro 2016, hosting Web Summit, placing António Guterres as the General Secretary of the UN and, lastly, winning the Eurovision Songcontest. All of these achievements give Portugal’s population hope for a more prosperous future.

Portugal, more than anything, is becoming an example for today’s entrepreneurs by not giving in but instead working to develop. Due to grinding in recession for several years, reluctance toward some economical signs that started to appear in 2016 showed, with good results still being maintained mainly fueled by exports and investment, consequently the GDP is growing and the unemployment rate decreased to 11.6%.

Meanwhile, nothing happens without hard work in a smart way, and for every successful story there are years of personal investment, time and effort to learn how things needed to achieve one’s desired goals.

Coding & Mindset

In terms of business, tech is one of the most promising sectors, with a high demand for people with coding skills. In other words, programming is a great asset to have. However, as successul entrepreneurs know, it’s not only about skill it’s about the mindset. Having an attitude to “keep going” whatever comes is what will ultimately result in a successful startup.

Le Wagon Lisbon – A Bootcamp For Everyone

A great place to start mastering these essential skills is Le Wagon Lisbon. Whether you’re a beginner that has never coded or you’re in computer science the bootcamp is a good place to go to improve your skills. Personally, I’ve seen workshops, activities and the curriculum of the bootcamp teaching old paradigms very in a modern way, making students end up with impressive projects.

Some projects that were completed during the last batch in Lisbon (#49) are a routine tracker, booking bot, bachelor trip planer (you can find all demos on Le Wagon’s website). All of these projects were made possible in just 9 weeks using coding basics, Ruby, OOP, Database & SQL, front-end, Rails and Heroku.

Different to college, Le Wagon puts the focus on the business perspective rather than performance. This includes that the projects are about creating something that improves life quality by solving a problem thus enhanching creativity and providing the programmer with more freedom. One quality that you may not find too often in regular computer science classes.

The Bootcamp started in 2013 in Paris as a worldwide network of schools, so far finishing 81 batches, teaching more than 1430 students. If you too have a tech based business idea and want to learn how to create your platform Le Wagon is the right place for you, equipping you with a MVP to test and validate in the “real world”.

How To Join

The bootcamp costs 5900€ for nine weeks whereby the first 10 applicants who are Portuguese residents receive 50% discount via scholarship provided by Fabrica de Startups that covers 2950€. If you’re interested in upcoming events check out the free Ruby coding session & Demo Day.

  • Beginner’s Ruby Coding Lesson
    Bring your laptop to SecondHome. Tomorrow, 7th of Jun, Le Wagon will host a free coding lesson from 7.30pm to 9pm. Learn how Ruby works, code your first lines and enjoy the environment.
  • Demo Day
    On Friday (June 9th) the Demo Day will take place at ETIC from 6.30pm to 10pm. Developers from batch #71 will present their projects, making it a great place to discover new projects and see what Le Wagon can do for you.



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