Natural Skin Care Meets Digitalization: Online Trend boep Is Now Available In Austria

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Natural and eco-friendly, but not old-fashioned – this is what the young natural cosmetics brand boep represents. In Germany, their skincare products for babies, toddlers and the whole family have become it pieces shared and talked about by bloggers and social media influencers. From now on, boep is available in 400 dm-drugstores (dm-drogerie-markt) across Austria.

Michaela Hagemann // (c) boep

Michaela Hagemann // (c) boep

The German startup boep, founded in 2015, has been working towards this important step for more than a year. “We’ve always had a great number of orders from Austria“, says Michaela Hagemann, the 28-year-old doctor and founder of boep. She adds: “Many members of our online community come from Austria. This is why we are very happy that they can now get our products so quickly and easily in the drugstore down the street.” In her experience, the Austrian consumers have been particularly conscious about natural cosmetics and high-quality ingredients – while the demand in other countries is just starting to grow. Entering the Austrian market now is essentially the answer to the frequently asked question: “When are your products coming to Austria?“

“Babies Have Beautiful Skin – Let’s Keep It That Way!”

The small company based in Munich offers a natural skincare line free from mineral oils, parabens, silicones, paraffins, PEGs and synthetic fragrances. All products by boep have been tested by independent dermatologists who confirmed their skin compatibility to be “excellent”. Furthermore, each product has been awarded the Cosmos Natural certification, which is a label for natural cosmetics controlled and granted by five international, co-operating organizations including the German non-profit BDIH (translated: National Association of Industrial and Trade Companies of Pharmaceuticals). All boep products were developed by Michaela, hand in hand with a renowned manufacturer of natural cosmetics in the South of Germany, who produces and bottles the entire boep skincare line to this day.

Straight From Instagram Into Over 1.000 Drugstores

Like many other startups, boep is the result of a personal experience, a personal need. “After the birth of my first daughter I simply couldn’t find a skincare line that I was a hundred percent happy with”, recalls founder and mother of two, Michaela. She explains that the ingredients were incredibly important to her because the skincare routine during the baby years affects the health of the skin in the long run. However, she found the fragrance of many natural babe care products too intense and did not want her baby daughter to smell like herbal tea. In addition to that, she disliked the old-fashioned design and packaging of many organic cosmetics. “I wanted to create natural skincare products with a delicate, baby-like smell and an appealing, modern design”, she explains her reasons for founding boep with her brother Tilman Kreuder in 2015. The beautifully designed bottles and tubes with the natural, high-quality products inside quickly became especially popular among mum-bloggers and influencers and turned into must-see accessories on their Instagram photos. Thanks to the excellent quality of their products and smart online marketing, the small skincare label was able to bring their products from user’s timelines to the shelves of giant retailers like dm Austria despite a small marketing budget. After successfully working with dm Germany, boep’s market entry in Austria is an important step that brings them much closer to Austrian consumers equally conscious of trends and sustainable, natural products.

From now on, four of boep’s products can be found in the shelves of any dm drugstore in Austria: baby lotion (200 ml, €12,95 ), baby cream (50 ml, €9,95), baby bathing oil (150 ml, €14,95) and baby shampoo (150 ml, €8,95).




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