Muzzley: The Power Of Controlling Smart Home Devices?

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Find out more about the creation of the IoT startup Muzzley, the investments they managed to secure and their vision of the smart home.

Muzzley is a Portuguese and American startup in the IoT market, and is here to make it big! Let’s find out how.

The All In One Solution For A Smart Home?

Basically what the startup provides is an all-in-one solution, a smart home platform that helps users to create and enjoy their smart home. They do this by connecting all your smart home devices via one mobile app.

Imagine for a while, you leave home for holidays but the commodity goes with you, to anywhere that has that smart devices. Thanks to the machine learning algorithm in their solution, Muzzley understands your behavior and adapts its suggestions to your lifestyle. These suggestions can be scenarios (or “Agents”, as the company calls it) that can be set up between devices, or product suggestions.

Muzzley provides the app for free, and (hopes to) make revenues from advertisers who are interested in selling their smart devices or services through the app. This business model plays an important role in the IoT industry, since it gives retailers a change to retain their customers more efficiently and up-sale their products to the right audience.

In a nutshell, Muzzley encompasses areas such as security, temperature, lighting, garden, health, etc. Users can create scenarios like “when the door unlocks, lights turn on (with a precise intensity and color) and the grass stops being watered.

How Did It All Start?

Muzzley was founded in 2012, by Eduardo Pinheiro and Domingos Bruges. They knew that the app would help solve a problem that didn’t exist yet, so in the beginning they focused highly in partnering with hardware producers, and are starting to acquire users more massively now.

So far, Muzzley, raised $5 million in investment, by Portugal Ventures, Espírito Santo Ventures and Plug and Play, in the US. This money is mostly applied in continuously developing new and better technology, improving the app’s UX, invest in user acquisition, as well as growing the team in both Portugal and the US.

Their market is mainly the US and Europe as smart home adoption is growing more quickly in these areas. They’re headquartered in downtown Lisbon and have an office in Redwood City, California (at GSV Labs). Being in the heart of Silicon Valley allows them to be more aware of consumers’ tendencies as well as be closer to their partners and clients.

So you can see that Muzzley has the potential to become very successful in a not so distant future. In the ‘70s few visionaries were eager to create personal computers as we know them today, now IoT is starting to appear. Give it five more years and things will get more and more connected, give it 40 more years and compare it with the personal computer industry – home, health, transportation, citizen security, IoT will naturally become a grid (a new type of Internet already called “Internet of Things”).

In conclusion, this is a great opportunity for retailers to retain their smart device customers while a chance for users to understand how the smart home works in terms of management and products in the market.



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