Mobility Technology Company Magna Is On The Lookout For Emerging Technologies

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The mobility technology company Magna is on the lookout for solutions ranging from autonomous driving and electrification to connectivity and new mobility. Let’s take a look at what’s in it for young startups!

In-vehicle services, Augmented Reality, Shared Mobility, Mobility-as-a-Service, and Connected Cars are only a few of the innovation areas that are set to transform the mobility industry in the near future. Acknowledging that many of these innovations will come from emerging companies, the mobility technology company Magna is actively looking for disruptive startups to partner with.

Becoming A Technology Partner For Startups

For startups looking to commercialize their idea, this proves to be a great opportunity. And it’s not only an opportunity for mobility or automotive startups. “Everything is moving very quickly [in the startup world], so it’s not uncommon for startups to pivot fast and often. […] There is a great amount of innovation in the automotive/mobility sector such as sensors from the military industry that were not originally intended for this sector. We’re always keeping an eye out for different solutions to find what is applicable in the automotive industry,” mentions Magna’s VP Business Development, Corporate Engineering and R&D, Ian R. Simmons.

Part of this commitment to keeping an eye out for different solutions is Magna’s Startup Program Leading Mobility. With the program, the industry leader aims to become a technology partner for emerging companies. This means supporting these young companies in taking their technology to market, growing and scaling their businesses, or provide a better manufacturing environment.

The Mission Is To Keep Adding Value

“At Magna, our main mission is to innovate to keep adding value to our end customers. In order to achieve this, it is important for us to respond to current and future trends which include electrification, the shift from mechanical to electromechanical as well as autonomous driving. We also see great advancements in new mobility as the global transportation landscape is quickly changing and Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) plays a larger role. In this regard, ride and car sharing are major trends, however, as cities move toward electrical vehicles (EVs) the requirements are likely to be different. So, we are looking at multiple scenarios of what mobility and mobility as a service will look like in the future,” adds Simmons.

More specifically, Magna is looking for solutions in four key areas:

  • autonomous driving
  • electrification
  • connectivity
  • new mobility

Especially interesting are solutions with the potential to differentiate Magna and extend its product portfolio. This can include sensors, feature development, and software when we talk about autonomous driving; new use cases and unique ideas for new mobility and manufacturing solutions such as advanced robotics and 3D printing.

Leading Mobility is an ongoing effort aimed at finding the best ideas and bringing them to market. To apply, visit the website today!



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