Mobility Company Brisa Announces Heptasense As The Winner Of Its Startup Challenge GROW Mobility

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Earlier this year, Brisa launched “GROW Mobility”, a startup challenge for innovative solutions ranging from New Mobility and Tolling & Telematics to Road Infrastructure. Following this challenge, the mobility company has now announced the Portuguese startup Heptasense as the winner.

GROW Mobility offered mobility and automotive startups a chance to work with Brisa, the group that established the core of the Portuguese highway system. 45+ years of experience and proven results delivered will now benefit the startup that, out of more than one hundred applications, emerged as the winner in the Startup Challenge: Heptasense.

Creating A Pilot To Enable Direct Access To The Mobility Market

Heptasense develops an Artificial Intelligence (AI) software solution that learns and understands human patterns. The AI mimics how the human brain works, meaning that the startup’s technology can transform any device into an intelligent system. It can be used in gesture control, to control devices with the movement of hands (e.g. motion tracking, or even in crowd analysis). Heptasense has already advanced its solution to a point where it can now track the entire human body rather than just be used for gesture recognition. In short, this Portuguese startup is teaching machines to understand how humans behave.

For the mobility company Brisa, this technology, and in particular Wrong Way Detection, presents a way to make transportation safer, smarter, and more reliable. With more than 8 million customers, 1600+ km of roads and the newly established Brisa Campus, Heptasense will increase its delivery speed and agility. Moreover, Brisa offers the startup special support to create a pilot thus enabling direct access to the mobility market. This support includes:

  • Full access to the entire spectrum of Brisa’s market
  • Sandbox for field tests
  • Connection to new clients & investors
  • Contact to an extensive mentor network
  • Exclusive access to office spaces on Brisa’s Campus
  • Management insights & access to administrative tools

In 2017, Brisa reached an EBITDA of 506€ million while operating 17 highways, 735 CCTVs, 140 road sensors, 71 patrolling vehicles and 35 meteo stations among other assets, as well as over 406 million ETC transactions – making it a perfect breeding ground for innovative technologies

Establishing Ties With Strong Strategic Partners

Innovation is both a core corporate value at Brisa and a fundamental business driver which allows the group the group to be at the forefront of technological evolution. By collaborating with innovative startups like Heptasense, the group focuses on marketing new solutions and building partnerships with strategic players who share the same vision toward mobility.

To realize the Startup Challenge GROW Mobility, Brisa partnered with the innovation and startup scouting company StartUs Insights to support the group to transition from a transportation & instruction to a mobility company by establishing strong relationships with innovative thinkers and relevant startups.



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