Meet Your Investor At The 2nd Angel & Peer-To-Peer Summit

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Looking for an investor or a startup to invest in? We've got the event for you! From March 9-10th the 2nd Annual Angel Summit will be held in Prague. Here's what you can expect.

Built your product? Acquired the first clients? Showed everyone you could do it? Great – but now it’s about time to get into the water deeper and get some funding. There are different ways to find business angels and investors, based on your needs, location and industry.

Events – The Place To Be

One way to find an angel who’s not only willing to give you his money but also this knowledge and expertise is to attend networking events organized specifically for this purpose. One of these is the 2nd Annual Angel & Peer-to-Peer Summit, held in Prague from March 9th-10th.

Why This Event?

The event brings together Europe’s leading angel investors, peer to peer platforms and innovative early stage companies. It’s organized by the European Association of Peer to Peer Lenders in co-operation with Symfonie Capital and builds on the success of last year’s conference, which was held in Prague too.

What To Expect

The first day is focused around Peer to Peer Lending. Executives from Europe’s peer to peer lending platforms in the UK, Sweden, Italy, Lithuania, Estonia, Slovakia and the Czech Republic will discuss the risks and rewards of peer to peer lending. Confirmed platforms include (CR), (CR), ZltyMelon (SK), SaveLend (SE), Bondora (EE), AblRate (UK), FinBee (LT) and Smartika (IT).

Topics on the agenda include how peer to peer platforms select borrowers, how platforms deal with defaults, how investors can diversify their portfolios and how peer to peer platforms help ensure the safety of money invested. In addition to the panel discussions there will be twenty presentations by peer to peer fund managers, companies borrowing via peer to peer platforms, and software developers providing automated investment solutions.

The second day is focused on Angel Investing, Crowdfunding and Startup Accelerators. Panelists will discuss the risks and rewards of angel investing, the opportunities crowdfunding platforms offer, how startup and early stage companies can find financing, how to identify potentially successful companies and the criteria investors should use when selecting companies.

There will also be presentations by companies looking for angel financing – in case you want to hold a presentation: the application is still open!

So, if you’re up for networking, finding your investor or the next startup to invest in – take a ride, join the event and get inspired!

Hard Facts:

What? 2nd Annual Angel & Peer to Peer Investing Summit
When? March 9th+10th, 2016
Where? Prague, City Conference Center

Discount? For StartUs community there is a special 35% discount @

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Photo credit: Sebastiaan ter Burg via Visualhunt / CC BY-SA