How Magna Reinvents Light In Collaboration With Rohinni

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Magna and US startup Rohinni LLC have formed a Joint Venture to reinvent light. Learn how the two companies work together to achieve their common goal.

With autonomous vehicles well underway, we are reaching a new area of automotive lighting. Self-driving cars warn pedestrians when they approach, vehicles’ interior lighting adjusts to the driver’s mood – let your imagination run wild!

Creating “Endless Possibilities”

Magna is joining this new area through a Joint Venture with the US-based startup Rohinni, that creates “endless possibilities” for lighting that go further than LEDs or light-emitting diodes. The exclusive use of Rohinni’s technology paired with Magna’s extensive electronics manufacturing expertise creates the new lighting solutions are anticipated to wow the industry.

Magna Rohinni Automotive, the companies’ Joint Venture, uses paper-thin micro and mini LEDs to provide high-performance, flexible lighting that opens up new doors for design and product differentiation. The ultra-bright solutions also have advantages for the interior such as better displays in even the brightest daylight. Moreover, the micro-LED lighting solutions are brighter, lighter, and more energy-efficient than alternative technologies, including OLED.

The Magna-controlled Joint Venture paves the way for high-volume micro and mini LEDs to enter the mobility space. Freed from cumbersome traditional LED manufacturing techniques, the joint venture will be able to bring micro and mini LED-based products to market more quickly and cost-effectively.

Profiting From Magna’s Experience

“Our team is extremely excited about partnering with Magna for this joint venture,” said Rohinni CEO Matthew Gerber. “Magna brings a global brand and reach, along with many years of automotive market and applications experience to this partnership.”

Magna has also made a minority equity investment in Rohinni based on the promising application of their leading micro and mini LED technology in a range of other industries, applications, and products.

“This joint venture with Rohinni brings thin, flexible lighting technology that mobility has not seen before,” said Magna CTO Swamy Kotagiri. “Current automakers, new mobility companies, other lighting suppliers, and Magna’s own product groups all stand to benefit from this collaboration.”

Magna Rohinni Automotive is another example of how Magna is able to “auto qualify” solutions from other businesses, applying them for use in vehicles. Rohinni’s products are designed for various applications, including underwater, in fabric and architecture.

Open for all industries, Magna currently runs the Startup Program Leading Mobility. To learn more and to apply, visit the website today!



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