Lisbon 2016: Business & Entrepreneurial Events To Expect

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Going to Lisbon and want to discover new trends and startups? Here are this years best entrepreneurial events you shouldn't miss!

We are already in the middle of 2016, a lot of entrepreneurial and business events took place but there’s more to come. What are the main events scheduled in the business and startup scene in Lisbon?

Here’s a list of 4 events to participate in:

#1 Blue Business Forum

The main theme is the sea economy! What seas can give us? Will cities underwater become a real thing? How can we use the huge maritime area to grow an economy? Those are the biggest challenges to face, but in the sea we can get more resources than this, per example biological species that can help genetics and so on.

Its last edition had three main spaces, one for enterprises, where the companies, that are giving more effect in this sea economy, are. Then a space for innovation, where many associations, investigation groups, colleges and startups are, showing the state of the art in this area. And the last remaining space was for conferences where the legal framework, existing challenges in multiple sectors, such as, economic and social were debated.

This year’s event will take place from 2nd to 4th of June, at the International Fair of Lisbon.

#2 LXD Lisbon Design Show

One word to describe this: “Design” and we can be a bit creative: Product Design, Design Thinking, Designer, etc.… So the importance of design and the possibility of maintaining a great of UX (User Experience) is becoming more and more important. Technology brought us closer together “in some way”, but we need feelings in tech, our eyes should shape the curves of the future technology and avoid these ‘squared boxes’ – so if you want to create something disruptive and eye-catching this would be a good start. If you already have something – reshape it.

This event takes place at International Fair of Lisbon, from October 5th to 9th.

#3 Web Summit

It all started 5 years ago, since then grew, grew and grew until it became known as “the best technology conference on the planet”. Last year it was held in Dublin, and the winner of last year’s pitch competition was a Portuguese startup, called Codacy. Now it will take place in Portugal and in case you’re a foreigner I can assure you that besides a great event you will discover a great culture, the food, the music, the natural environment, the history, the climate, every little detail that creates this beautiful symphony.

This event will be held in November, from 7th to 10th, at the International Fair of Lisbon and MEO Arena.

#4 Lisbon Games Week

Video Games everywhere. At Games Week you can see the main gaming trends, new and old ones. So it’s a great place to be inspired and met more people in the gaming industry, discover how things work or even disclosue your own game in the indie section.

This industry can be very competitive but nothing restrains you from creating your own. I’ve done one, it was enough to see how big this industry is and how easily you need more “special tech” to create something at the normal level currently speaking. But with VR and new gadgets some new and/or unexpected things can appear.

Games Week takes place at the International Fair of Lisbon, from 17th to 20th of November.

As you can see from Blue Economy (improve the seas exploration), passing by the Gaming Industry and never forget the Design importance, this culminates in a great diversity of startups and projects to discover.

Hope to see you this year in Lisbon! Stay tuned for my next articles on more events so you’ll be in time the best ones.

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