Leading Through Failing

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Leading a startup, a company or even a team is everything but easy. Sometimes you might even fail. Read up on why this is no disaster and how to make the best out of it!

You Don’t Have To Be Perfect

Most leaders feel that they have to be perfect. They feel that because people look up to them they always need to look and seem perfect. But what most leaders don’t realize is that by having this sort of an outlook to life they are missing out on opportunities to model authenticity and genuineness to the people they lead but moreover to build trust.

No one is perfect, and no one can ever be perfect even though most of us would like to think that we are so in many ways.

Why Failures Are Important For Leading

Therefore, it is important that we acknowledge our failures as we move forward. You need to fail well to move forward. The truth is that we all go through failures – it’s a part of life. You will probably say that thing you shouldn’t have or do that thing you shouldn’t have. What is important though is at that point you humble yourself, admit your mistake and move forward. Pride is for dummies. It puts a blindfold on the people who have them.

leading through failure

Great Leaders don’t just lead well by modeling righteous lives. They lead through failing as well. Because of their vulnerability they create an environment of trust. And we all know that to achieve great business success we need to create an atmosphere of trust.

So, don’t be afraid to let your guard down. Be authentic in talking about your strengths but also in your weaknesses as well.



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