6 Leading Marketing Automation Softwares Available On The Market

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Startups have to make sure that their managing of relevant information has to be targeted correctly towards the intended audience. Marketing Automation can help.

Instead of manually sending emails and remembering the tasks and the follow-up that has to be done with clients to verify they make the right choice and are happy with the service or product purchased you can have a system that does all that for you at the right time. Sending newsletters is a critical task, for example, but it will take plenty of time if you do it manually. The idea behind this software is to automated those daily tasks so that your time and energy can be better invested somewhere else and make the best out of your marketing team by releasing them from these small daily tasks. Automated marketing systems have that covered for you.

Here you have some of the best marketing automation software tools now available on the market, hope you find the one that best suit your and your startup’s needs:

#1 Infusionsoft

Infusionsoft is one of the main leaders in CRM service and sales tracker that can give your business a boost for capturing leads and keeping an eye on your client’s interests. Infusionsoft is available for you to use wherever you are as long as you have an internet connection. It is easy to understand your customer’s behavior and how much time they are spending on your web page because the system keeps track of it. All contact information is available in the same place so the marketing directed towards this particular client can be detailed and go straight to what interests him or her the most.

#2 HubSpot

This is an all-in-one marketing software, and since 2006 it has been offering small and medium business a solution and CRM center for the marketing structure within the company. It centralizes all marketing tools, content creation and leads that can be converted into clients. The creators of HubSpot are also responsible for the successful concept of Inbound Marketing and the more you learn about marketing automation software, the easier you’ll see that human error and the potential loss of clients can be minimized or completely removed from your company.

#3 Salesfusion

Through this marketing solution, it is possible to create, analyze and manage marketing tactics and campaigns from one single system. Obtaining and tracking new leads, it provides a friendly and easy to use platform. Marketing success is not only about automating processes but also about the people behind those processes. Salesfusion gives startups the opportunity to minimize their marketing errors and boost the revenue from their campaigns.

#4 ActiveCampaign

As many others automated marketing systems, ActiveCampaign offers a place to manage your contacts, CRM, and sales activites. It also offers a friendly view for automating processes. And this may be one of its greatest qualities; it is not difficult to learn how to use it, which will save you valuable time setting up your marketing campaign. Its intuitive layout allows you to make the most of the software from the very beginning. You can always try the free trial to see if you like it and make a decision before you buy it.

#5 Marketo

This marketing software will help you attract the right kind of prospects, engage them to build relationships, close more deals and then measure all the result to analyze and improve the impact of your business in the market. It gives you the opportunity to analyze how convenient your web pages are for SEO purposes. Visitors can have personalized content shown to them according to their interest even if they are anonymous and even if they leave your site, Marketo attracts them back using intelligent advertising. It integrates CRM systems and webinars easily.

#6 Marketing Cloud- Pardot

One of the main ideas of automated marketing systems is to have everything at the distance of one click. Pardot offers a way to find and nurture the promising leads and create an automated campaign in just a matter of minutes with its interactive interface without having to call the system’s support. They also offer great templates to create landing pages and emails that will please the potential clients you are reaching out to. One of the best features of Pardot is the score it creates when a prospect fills out a form on your landing page as it analyzes their profile and according to the score that is given your sales department can focus on the right clients at the right time.

Startups have to make sure that their managing of relevant information is targeted correctly towards the intended audience so that the individual that feels triggered by your content and clicks on your page is a potential client and will be an important part of your statistics. If all these activities are done manually the risks of forgetting a date or replying to an email too late are too high. This is when automated marketing software’s become relevant to boost the productivity of your startup.



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