Just How Important Is Innovation In Marketing?

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Let's talk about how you can use marketing innovations right this minute!

Innovation helps your business on multiple levels and so does marketing. In fact, one could say that both of them are equally important for achieving business success today. But it shouldn’t come as a surprise that innovation and marketing are deeply connected. They have a somewhat symbiotic relationship, which, in this case, means that each pushes the other’s development.

Innovation is the practice of improvement. It aims to constantly improve products and business processes, thereby helping your business to stay competitive. Marketing is a part of the business process that has a direct influence on consumers, so it has the ultimate power in determining how competitive you are. Therefore innovation in marketing is vitally important not only for your success but also for the business’ very survival. If you lose your edge in this particular area, you will be pushed out of the market in the blinking of an eye.

Top 3 Marketing Innovations To Embrace Right This Minute

#1 Combining Physical & Digital Marketing

Digital marketing merged suddenly with the impact of a cannonball. Today the majority of businesses, especially SMEs and startups, have all of their marketing budget invested in various types of digital marketing, and it works quite well for many of them.

However, prints and other types of physical advertisements aren’t giving up yet. They remain incredibly effective in settings like events, where you can target your marketing packages directly at the intended audience.

Innovation has entered this particular field in a very interesting way. It enables you to create better physical materials as well as taking the consumer on a journey from the physical ad to your valuable digital marketing content which it is intended will win the recipient over.

Speaking of improving physical ads with innovative tech, let us take flyers as an example. Despite the world going digital, these still rock at every opportunity where your brand gets to interact directly with the local community. And innovative tech makes it easy and cheap to design flyers today as you can use an online flyer maker with free templates. You don’t need any knowledge or skill in design to use this kind of tool, and templates created by pros will ensure that your flyers look good. Supplement your paper ad’s design with a QR-code that will take consumers directly to your website. At that point you will be able to unleash the full force of your digital marketing strategy onto them.

#2 Using Augmented & Virtual Reality To Enhance Customer Experience

VR technology hasn’t taken off quite well in gaming, where it was thought to have had the brightest future. But this innovative tech definitely does shine in marketing and allows one a way to provide a fantastic customer experience. Learn how to do this from IKEA’s stunning success with its VR Experience.

If this level of tech remains out of your reach, you can use AR to connect traditional and digital marketing at a different level. For example, clothing retailers can create apps which will help customers “try on” their products from anywhere, and beauty salons can use similar solutions to show their customers what the new haircut will look like on them before the stylist begins working.

Ideas are endless considering how fast this innovative tech develops and becomes more affordable. Augmenting your marketing strategy with these solutions also provides you with an instant hook that most marketers can only dream of. This is because, for all the hype, VR tech is especially highly regarded in tech circles. Indeed the majority of consumers still view it with a bit of suspicion. Therefore, adding a line about “free VR trial to ensure the perfect fit for you” in your ads is guaranteed to boost the response right away.

#3 Embracing Micro-Influencers

Not all innovation in marketing has to do with technology. To innovate for business means to make something better and to improve your influencer’s campaigning you need to start working with micro-influencers today.

Think it’s silly to hope that someone with a thousand subscribers will provide you with more leads than someone with a hundred thousand? Innovative marketers of today don’t, because they see an opportunity for improvement.

Macro-influencers (usually with 10+ million followers per account) are typically detached from their audience. Of course, they have many fans, but they are seen as celebrities, not trusted information sources.

Micro-influencers, on the other hand, represent a goldmine today. They might only have a couple thousand followers, but those people trust them and respect their opinions. It follows that being promoted by this kind of person is sure to generate a lot of leads.

As you can see, innovation is key to attracting new leads from new sources. and you can easily innovate any part of your marketing campaign. Simply look at it now and consider what you can improve. Congratulations, you’ve just innovated your marketing campaign!

The Bottom Line: True Importance Of Innovation In Marketing

As a good marketing strategy is vital to your business success, so innovation is important to your marketing strategy, or so say 80% of experts in the field. Remember they are two sides of the same coin and therefore you have to invest in both, with a focus on marketing innovation in particular, for your company to achieve success today.



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