Join the MWC Open Innovation Challenge 2022 to Accelerate Your Business Goals!

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The MWC Open Innovation Challenge is a hybrid event taking place at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona as well as online. Join the Challenge to collaborate with leading international organizations!

The MWC Open Innovation Challenge 2022 is a B2B international meetings event inviting all agents of the innovation ecosystem – corporations, investors, and solution/technology providers. Participants can choose to have 1:1 physical meetings, online meetings, or both. Physical meetings will take place in the venue of the Mobile World Congress/4 Years From Now congress in Barcelona on March 1st and 2nd. Online meetings will be on separate days between March 3rd and 8th, 2022.

The MWC Open Innovation Challenge 2022 is organized by ACCIÓ, a department of the Catalan Government’s Ministry of Enterprise and Labour, partnering with the Enterprise Europe Network, the largest business support network worldwide. Because the MWC is the best place for the latest innovations and leading-edge technology, it enables you to reach your business goals faster.

Last year, the MWC Challenge counted 550 participants incl. 80 corporates & investors from 38 countries. In total, 699 meetings were held, 68.5% of which were international ones. In 2022, the organizers are looking forward to topping these numbers.

MWC Open Innovation Challenge 2021

Why You Should Seize this Opportunity

The MWC Open Innovation Challenge will move your company closer to the latest innovations and leading-edge technology. By connecting you with leading corporate partners it enables you to reach your business goals faster.

  • Connect: Identify potential partners & collaborate with international organizations
  • Collaborate: Establish connections and reach the business goals you have in mind
  • Cultivate: Build productive relationships to accomplish your future innovative projects

And the event is not only fruitful for startups! 2021 participant Eeswaran Navartham, Co-Founder and Partner at 01 VENTURES, highlights the mutual benefits: “The support I was given was very good. (…) We will continue the discussion with some quite promising companies that we might go on and invest in.”

Explore the Topics of the MWC Open Innovation Challenge 2022

This year’s topics cover a variety of industries and technologies:

  • Internet of Things
  • FinTech
  • 5G
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Healthcare
  • Mobility & Logistics
  • Industry 4.0
  • Deep Tech
  • Circular Economy & Sustainability

Are you ready to solve Corporate Challenges?

This year, the corporate partners of the MWC Open Innovation Challenge include BONSAI Partners, LG, NEKO Capital, SAP, K Fund, Mercedes-Benz, ROCA SANITARIO, WÜRTH ELEKTRONIK, and many more.

MWC Open Innovation Challenge 2022 Partners

Discover what challenges they are looking to solve:

  • BONSAI PARTNERS: BONSAI PARTNERS invest in primary and secondary opportunities of technology startups from pre-series A to series B.
  • K FUND: K FUND invests from 100k to 2M in entrepreneurs with the capacity to create differential technology-based products and services.
  • LG DISPLAY: LG Display is looking to invest in or partner with startups that can help increase the demand for display panels. Any kind of company such as platforms, contents, hardware, software, etc. is welcome.
  • MERCEDES-BENZ AG: MERCEDES-BENZ is seeking technologies to support carbon-neutral (or negative) mobility – through the development, production, and use of recycling.
  • NEKKO CAPITAL: Nekko Capital offers funding for B2B startups that are just starting out. It prioritizes sectors like mobility, travel technology, support, the finance industry, among others.
  • ROCA SANITARIO S.A: ROCA SANITARIO wishes to create new services and buyer/user experiences, seek new business opportunities in eCommerce and service provision.
  • SAP: SAP’s mission is to build its own generation of partners. They are working in close connection with the industry and its product groups to identify opportunities, searching globally for startups in their early stages to partner with, and implementing acceleration programs to create joint value propositions effectively to provide new value to their clients.
  • WÜRTH ELEKTRONIK: They are seeking innovations in the fields of electronics, electromechanics, new mobility, formulas, technologies (wireless energy transfer, horticulture, and energy harnessing), and IoT projects.

How to Participate

  1. Registration: Register on the platform and complete your profile.
  2. Challenge Review: Review the challenges of the participating corporations and investors.
  3. Request Meetings: If your company fulfills the conditions for any of the challenges, request a meeting, either virtual or face-to-face, during MWC. You can apply to as many challenges as you think you have solutions. Of course, make sure your solution matches the chosen challenges.
  4. Corporate Evaluation: The corporate will review your application. If the solution is attractive for their challenge, they will agree to meet you at MWC Barcelona, either virtually or in person.
  5. Design Your Agenda: Moreover, with the MWC Open Innovation Challenge, you can also request meetings with participating companies, startups, or technology centers.

Before the event, you will receive your personalized B2B agenda according to your interests & available projects. Now, you get to enjoy and attend physical meetings in Barcelona organized at MWC or online from March 3rd to 8th, 2022!

The participation is free of charge so join the #MWCOpenChallenge to reach your business goals faster!



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