Interview Edition: Beibamboo

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In this interview edition we spoke to an ambitious woman who turned a crowdfunding campaign into a successful business. Check out our Interview with Nina Ignatius from Beibamboo!

I spoke to Nina Ignatius from Finland-based Beibamboo about her successful campaign on the Sweden-based platform Fundedbyme last year.

Beibamboo is an award winning Finnish innovation that helps hospitalized children to recover faster (and saves staffs time and hospital equipment). Pain-free & safe for children. CEO/Founder Nina Ignatius was on the list “40 Women To Watch” by Forbes. Beibamboo raised just under 60.000€ for 7% equity from 93 individual investors. Today, Nina plans to launch a Kickstarter campaign which is “no loss of equity”.

What do you do?

The world’s best baby clothing.

What alternatives of raising money did you consider? How did it go?

Angel money — could not find any in Finland. There, the typical angel is male and over 50, so we did not get anybody with experience in babies or clothing.

Why equity crowd funding?

Our products appeal to a lot of people and it is easy to understand the benefits.

Why FundedByMe?

FundedByMe was new and fresh. At the time (summer 2013) others were not available to us. Kickstarter (we are launching tomorrow!) and Indiegogo.

What was your strategy there? How did it go?

We wanted to appeal with an emotional video

Would you do something differently today? What is your recommendation to others?

We did what we could. I would not change anything. Be simple, do not try to be too smart with language etc. Make great visuals/video/graphics. Look professional.

What to do? What to avoid in campaigns?

Appeal to emotions. And have a great, unique product. Avoid too many details. People are busy and won’t read super long projects in detail..

Do you think that backing from business angels coud help?

An angel syndicate could definitely boost the campaign.

What do you recommend to startup founders that plan to raise their first bigger money? When should they stop with bootstrapping?

Hmm..So it as long as you believe in it and have a roof over your head.

What is your take on reward-based crowd funding?

Love it. No loss of equity. We are trying it now (tomorrow).

This interview will be a part of my book on funding of your companies, with focus on equity crowdfunding and angel syndicates.

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