Innovation At 12.000 Metres Above Sea Level: Hack Horizon

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Imagine you are at 12.000m above sea level, travelling 10.000km across the globe, from Hong Kong to London, hacking with of the brightest engineers, designers, and entrepreneurs from the travel industry. Want in?

Hack Horizon, the world’s first TravelTech hackathon, is a once in a lifetime, adrenaline-fuelled adventure, taking 32 talented entrepreneurs, engineers, and designers on a journey from Hong Kong to London to build new products and services that improve the customer experience in travel.

10.000 Kilometres, 80 Hours, 32 Participants, 2 Continents

With 50% of the world’s population within 5-hour flight, Hong Kong is the perfect counterpart to one of the most popular travel destinations in the world, London. Through Hack Horizon, the founding team has embraced the challenge of building an infrastructure that links up these two travel hubs, bridge the gap between the big corporate behemoths and startups in travel, and hence promote TravelTech innovation.

The hackathon is supported by some heavy-weights in travel including British Airways, Heathrow Airport, Hong Kong International Airport, IAG, SITA, Transport for London and MTR. The winners of the hackathon will get the expert support of Hack Horizon’s partners as well as access to the hefty network of accelerators, venture funds, and startup networks that Hack Horizon has built.

The Sky Is Not The Limit

“Over the past year we have worked to bring on board these big industry players and our hope now is to galvanize the APAC startup ecosystem and connect them with industry leaders and investors to help them scale and grow after the hackathon is over”, says co-founder Kristy Hart.

So what will you get to experience if you make it to the final 32? You will be fully immersed in the travel experience and will be given access to real life customers to test your assumptions right off the bat. What is more, you will have the support and mentorship of leading industry experts and have access to some of the best travel technologies and APIs.

The hackathon takes off on 5th of May, 2017 and culminates in an exciting Pitch Event at the monumental London Transport Museum on 8th of May in front of key innovation champions and leaders in travel.

Do you think you have what it takes? Applications close on 24th of March, 2017 at 23:59 HKT so head over to apply now!



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