Apply For Startup Program GROW Mobility By 30 April!

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The best startup(s) will perform a Pilot Project with the industry leader - including access to 1.600 km of roads & more than 8 million clients. Startups with an MVP in place are invited to apply in three focus areas: Road Infrastructure, Tolling & Telematics, and New Mobility & Smart Cities!

Portuguese industry leader Brisa counts innovation as one of its fundamental vectors, allowing it to be at the forefront of technological evolution. The group established the Portuguese highway system and now counts 735 CCTVs, 140 road sensors, 71 patrolling vehicles, 35 meteo stations, 17 highways, more than 1.600 km of roads and over 8 million clients to its assets. With GROW Mobility, Brisa invites startups to access this ecosystem.

Pilot Project With Access To All Resources

For the winning team(s), Brisa offers the possibility to build a pilot with the startup product or service within Brisa’s Group Ecosystem, combining the startup capabilities with the resources and market reach of Brisa.

For the duration of the Pilot, all the time needed to be worked on location (Brisa HQ, Portugal), Brisa will support travel expenses and accommodation for all members of the team who are working directly on the project. In addition, the project cost will also be supported by Brisa.

Startups who are seeking a strong partner to faster develop & scale their product have many good reasons to join the Startup Program:

  • Full access to the entire spectrum of Brisa’s market incl. 8+ million clients and 1600+ km of roads
  • Connection to new clients & investors
  • Sandbox for field tests
  • Contact to an extensive mentor network
  • Management insights & access to administrative tools
  • Exclusive access to office spaces on Brisa’s Campus
  • Possible later financing

Looking For Global Disruptors With An MVP In Place

Brisa aims to work startups who have an MVP in place and already have a track record to show. More specifically, the Startup Program focuses on three main areas:

  1. Road Infrastructure: Improving operations & engineering, including but not limited to big data & analytics, drones to assess and monitor roads, rails, bridges & lighting conditions and/or accidents & GNNS.
  2. Tolling & Telematics: Includes multimodal mobility (e.g. ticketing), recognition technologies (e.g. plate recognition) as well as the Internet of Things (IoT), big data and the like.
  3. New Mobility & Smart City: Fewer highways built and a lower car ownership culture calls for New Mobility solutions in the realm of Connectivity (Vehicle 2 Infrastructure, Connected Car, etc.).

Breeding Ground For Innovative Technologies

Heptasense is last year’s winner. The startup and Brisa are currently working on automatically detecting incidents on highways using Brisa’s CCTVs and Heptasense’s computer vision algorithms. The objective is to better respond to incidents and increase safety in Brisa’s network.

Another startup, Stratio, conducted a Pilot with Brisa and won the Grow Innovations Award, an equity-free cash award in the amount of 10.000€. The startup(s) that are selected in this year’s Startup Program and build a successful pilot with Brisa will automatically be considered for this award.

To apply for GROW Mobility, visit the Startup Program’s website.


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