How UK Startup Merxin Used Pharmapack To Find New Clients

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We spoke to Merxin’s Chief Business Officer, Phillipe Rogueda, to find out more about their motivation behind exhibiting at the drug delivery & packaging conference Pharmapack.

Merxin is a designer, developer, and supplier of generic and customized drug delivery and medical device platforms. Their devices include multidose dry powder inhalers, capsule dry powder inhalers, soft mist inhalers, no heat no PG vaping devices and devices tailored to cannabinoid delivery to the lungs and nasal cavities.

With over 400 exhibitors from pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and veterinary companies, CEOs, MDs, R&D, hospital and academic researchers and regulatory bodies from 70 countries, Pharmapack is the ideal place to network with the right audience & boost business opportunities. But let’s hear more from Merxin’s Chief Business Officer!

Philippe Rogueda Merxin’s Chief Business Officer

Philippe Rogueda, Merxin’s Chief Business Officer

Phillipe, who is Merxin? What products & solutions are you offering?

We are designers and suppliers of inhaler devices that treat lung diseases, reduce vaping risks, and make cannabis therapies reliable. Our DNA is in the pharma industry: we deliver quality, reliability, and efficacy.

Our devices include multidose dry powder inhalers, capsule dry powder inhalers, soft mist inhalers, no heat no PG vaping devices and devices tailored to cannabinoid delivery to the lungs and nasal cavities. Our customers take our devices and combine them with their drug formulation to make final dosage forms that are supplied to users and patients.

In short: We make the world healthier one breath at a time.

What trends are impacting your business at the moment? How can you help to tackle the challenges that the industry is facing?

The biggest challenge in the industry is the lack of end-to-end expertise in inhaler development: a company that not only understands mechanical and industrial design but is able to work with partners to accelerate their product development. Therefore, we are not a cost center – we create value for our partners.

Providing device platforms for customers is much more than creating drawings and making parts. Device design and development encompasses a wealth of engineering activity. Setting up supply chains requires extensive technical and business management activity. Providing products for clinical or commercial use means having appropriate quality systems and controls in place.

We take problems away from our customers. We do it so they don’t have to. We are a trusted partner. This is how we are part of the solution. We support them with the device design and manufacturing to speed up their product filing.

What are your target markets and how do you plan to scale up for the global market?

Merxin is active in the fields of pharmaceuticals, cannabinoids therapies (inhaled cannabinoid therapies iCTx) and reduced risk nicotine inhalers (RiNih). From a scaling perspective, our business is global and has been from the beginning.

Our pharma market is the most global of the 3 markets we operate in. The cannabis applications are growing in importance at the speed of legislation change. We are part of this change, of making cannabinoid part of the standard pharmacopeia again. Changes at the WHO on their opinion of the use of cannabinoids as medicines is driving this change too. It will soon become a global market. Reduced risk nicotine products are tremendously exciting to work on and growing in importance as well. We are on a mission to make vaping safe.

How was Pharmapack 2019 for you?

Pharmapack was a great opportunity to meet many of our suppliers and save time. We are clearly at the beginning of a change at Pharmapack, where inhalation device and technology is making an entrance. We were glad to be part of that beginning.

Pharmapack was one of the better shows we have attended: well organized, well provided for, with enough time to meet people and be seen.

Why did you choose to exhibit at the conference in 2019?

Many of our suppliers are present at Pharmapack & we wanted to meet them. We wanted them to see us and count us in. We are part of the supply chain.

Pharmapack also enabled us to put our name on the map: inhalation drug delivery is mainstream, we are making it so. Being seen at Pharmapack enables us to make inhaled drug delivery more accessible and offer new product options to companies who may not be familiar with his field.

What are your general objectives when it comes to exhibiting and how does Pharmapack fit in?

Our main goal at conferences is to network with current clients and to find new clients. In addition, we aim to spread the word about Merxin to establish potentially unthought and new business relationships at exhibitions such as Pharmapack.

The next edition of Pharmapack takes place from 5 to 6 February 2020 in Paris, France. The conference features the Startup Hub – a dedicated area for young companies developing and expanding new technologies in the fields of pharmaceutical packaging, labeling, drug delivery device design and engineering.

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