Apply For ZKW Group’s Partnership Program To Win 30.000€ In Total Prize Money!

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Selected companies are invited to a Pitch Event on 24 and 25 September to determine the three best teams that receive a total of 30.000€ in equity-free prize money. The Partnership Program "Drive Light & Sight" is powered by the ZKW Group, one of the world's leading providers of lighting and headlight systems for the automotive industry.

One of the ZKW Group’s primary goals is to promote the development of innovative holistic lighting systems. The Austria-based industry leader aims to accomplish this through the collaboration and co-innovation with disruptive companies. With a total of eight locations worldwide which are networked intelligently in development and production as well as some 9.000 people employed and overall sales of 1.2€ billion in 2017, ZKW proves to be a valuable partner in the automotive and mobility sector. “We trust that the Partnership Program Drive Light & Sight will foster a startup spirit at ZKW and create the right skill and mindset to innovate. We look forward to empowering and working with cutting-edge companies – some of which may surprise us”, says Ralf Klädtke, CTO at ZKW Group.

Establishing Direct Contact With A Leading Automotive Supplier

The Partnership Program Drive Light & Sight focuses on three key areas. While all revolve around light & sight, each proposes specific criteria to identify the most innovative solutions.

#1 All things light

The first focus area calls for solutions from light styling and digitalization of light to personalization and presentation. This includes but is not limited to:

  • mobile (front, rear, interior)
  • static (light infrastructure)

Furthermore, solutions that improve the well-being of the driver and passengers are welcome to enter (e.g. light control via smartphone, luminous body panels, etc.).

#2 All things sight

All things sight deals with the symbiosis of light and sight. Solutions can reach from the killer app for sensor technology to illuminated vision and information displays for drivers in the night (think augmented reality etc.).

#3 YOUR vision

Yes, you read that right! The third focus area is an open category to submit your vision of automotive and mobility lighting systems of the future. From visible light communication to the car as an advertising surface and displays – submit your solution! Sidenote: if you created a black hole substituting light we’re especially eager to hear from you!

Apply By 31 August

A pitch event on 24 and 25 September will give companies the opportunity to present their concepts and/or prototypes anf to establish direct contact with ZKW’s experts. Furthermore, three winning teams receive a total of 30.000€ in equity-free prize money. To further develop existing solutions for the automotive industry, the winning companies will enter a semi-remote collaboration phase (Oct – Jan) to work with internal teams from ZKW to further improve their solutions. The chance to further collaborate with ZKW entails the development of a prototype as well as the participation in ZKW’s Roadshow to get in direct contact with OEMs.

In short, here’s what’s in it for you:

  • Direct contact to ZKW’s internal experts and professionals
  • Access to various OEMs in the automotive industry
  • Development support (PoC, pilots, mentoring sessions, etc.)
  • Media exposure
  • Prize fund of 30.000€ (cash, no equity)

Apply to ZKW’s Partnership Program by 31 August!

To realize Drive Light & Sight, the ZKW Group partners with the Innovation Intelligence & Startup Scouting company StartUs Insights. The Partnership Program is sponsored by Oberbank AG, an independent and dynamic regional bank located in the heart of Europe and headquartered in Linz, Austria.



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