German Startup Wire Launches New End-To-End Encrypted Business Messaging Platform

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Wire’s new business platform offers secure messaging, complete multi-device support, calls and file sharing while also following the strict European laws on data protection.

With organizations grappling with major security challenges on a regular basis, the need for them to protect data, communications, and privacy is greater than ever. German startup Wire caters to this need & launches the first open source, end-to-end encrypted (E2EE) business messenger to make sure businesses can conduct safe, secure communication and prevent unnecessary data breaches.

Launching E2EE For Businesses

End-to-end encrypted communication has taken a big step forward in the last two years, with many consumer apps introducing the technology to hundreds of millions of people worldwide. However, in the rush to protect individuals, businesses have been left behind. None of the popular work communication tools use end-to-end encryption, which leaves the companies and employees using them vulnerable.

Coupled with this, traditional E2EE solutions have suffered from complexity, poor user experience or lack of functionality further driving businesses away from them for day-to-day operations. Wire gives organizations a tool combining the best functionality of modern communications platforms, like group chats, conference calls, and file sharing – secured with end-to-end encryption.

“The launch of a business offering is a significant step for Wire. It marks our official entry into the business communication market, with a product that has already proven popular with many teams across many verticals. We have seen that several of the companies providing communications and collaborative tools lack both security and transparency. Should you trust a company that won’t talk openly about how it protects your business?”, asks Alan Duric, CEO and co-founder at Wire.

Email is another challenge for businesses, as it has been reported that by the end of last year, 91% of cyber attacks and the resulting data breach begin with a spear phishing email. This demonstrates that email has become an insecure system, providing an easy attack vector for hackers, and enabling corporate espionage and the spread of malware. It’s time for businesses to move away from emails, opting to use reliable, secure tools to conduct communications.

“Wire has seen a need for a truly secure, Europe-based and feature-rich business communications solution. Our goal is to protect people’s digital privacy, and we are delighted to extend this promise to business users, to bring them the same focus on security, privacy, open source and transparency that are the fundamental values we believe in”, concludes Duric.



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